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Sex therapy begins with acceptance. If you’re interstate, overseas, or a local in Melbourne Australia, I’d be happy to work with you. If you’re looking for an online sex therapist, or live locally in Melbourne, please reach out.

Sex therapy can help a client resolve sexual issues by discussing strategies related to the concerns presented in therapy. Having a professional listen to your sex-related concerns can be a healing process, assuring you that you are not judged and that your sexual concerns are nothing to feel embarrassed about. Sex therapy involves getting to the root of the problem of what is interfering with your sexual satisfaction.

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Sex Therapy at the Melbourne Counselling Clinic

Sexual problems are a topic of conversation that we often shy away from; it can be uncomfortable, and a very private matter, or maybe we feel unsure about discussing sexual concerns because we do not want other people to think there is something odd or wrong with us if we admit we are having such problems.

The good news is that it is safe to talk about sexual problems with a qualified Melbourne sex therapist, and it can be beneficial to you and help relieve your concerns about sex. Talking to a professional about sex can be helpful, and it does not have to be uncomfortable or embarrassing. In fact, it is quite the opposite, with experienced Melbourne-based sex therapist Ronnie Adamowicz. In counselling sessions with Ronnie, you can talk about issues related to sex in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment.


Sex therapy myths and misconceptions:

Sex therapy does not involve taking off clothing or physical touch by the therapist. Its mechanism is talk therapy. Another misconception about sex therapy is that you must bring your partner with to therapy. Actually, sex therapy is often individual therapy, which is the case for Ronnie’s practice.

Important to remember: Talk therapy is a collaborative process between you and therapist, and will be targeted to your individual needs. Sex therapy can be combined with other types of therapy, such as relationship counselling.

What does a sex therapy session usually involve?

The first session of sex therapy often looks similar to the first session of other types of counselling. During the first session of sex therapy, the sex therapist will ask you about your relationships, beliefs, and past history of sexual trauma, and the reason you are seeking out counselling with a sex therapist.

Sex therapy sessions are targeted towards each individual’s concerns, which is why they can differ from person to person. However, most sessions involve a discussion of concerns, and education about the specific sexual concerns. A sex therapist will often assign homework to the client, for the client to report back on during the next session. The homework can involve experimentation and communication with your partner. One example of homework would be journaling about sexual experiences and problems that are occurring with them.

Looking for a Sex Therapist in Melbourne?

Melbourne Counselling Clinic’s sex therapy sessions with Ronnie Adamowicz are offered via Zoom, telephone, and in person. With Melbourne sex therapist Ronnie, your concerns will be addressed and you will feel at ease, so do not hesitate to make an appointment today: Book a free, 20-minute consultation with sex therapist Ronnie. 

Do you need sex therapy ?

Only you can answer that question, but if you are greatly distressed over problems related to sex or sexuality, it is very likely that sex therapy would be beneficial to you. Don’t let your ambivalence to talk to someone prevent you from obtaining the benefits of sex therapy in your life.

For more information:

Sex Therapy: What is it?

Sex therapy is a specialized type of psychotherapy. The purpose of sex therapy is to help individuals to address any issues that are affecting their sexual satisfaction. As in other types of therapy, a sex therapist will assist you by way of conversations; these will explore your worries, experiences, and feelings surrounding your sexual experiences. Sex therapy assists clients in problem-solving on the issues related to their sex life and relationships. Some of the topics that sex therapy can help with are related to sexual dysfunction, which is actually quite common: 31 percent of men and 43 percent of women experience sexual dysfunction at some point in their lifetime.

What are some common causes of sexual dysfunction?

This type of dysfunction can stem from either psychological or medical causes. Psychological causes for sexual dysfunction may include work stress, low self-esteem, sexual trauma, relationship conflict, anxiety, depression, and guilt. Medical causes that contribute to sexual dysfunction can include heart disease, alcohol abuse, diabetes, and the use of certain medications such as antidepressants.

Some issues that sex therapy can help with:


  • Erectile dysfunction in men
  • Low sexual arousal
  • Lack of confidence in ability to perform
  • Unwanted sexual thoughts
  • Hypersexuality
  • Lack of desire
  • Asexuality, or no interest in sex
  • Sexual boredom
  • Pain during sex
  • Inability to achieve orgasm
  • Vaginismus in women

Customer Testimonials: Feedback from My Clients

Review author ★★★★★ It's easy to have a meaningful rapport with Ronnie. You can tell he really cares about you and he'll find the best ways to assist you in dealing with your situation. You'll find that bit by bit you'll chip away at the issues that have been troubling you and gradually you'll feel your load lighten.Ronnie cares and he cares about helping you.I couldn't be more grateful that I found him.Review author ★★★★★ When I was looking for a psychologist/psychotherapist I looked at a lot. Something really stood out about Ronnie so he was one of 3 I spoke with. Firstly I found that some psychologists wouldn't allow me to speak with them, would only let me book in for a session. If I'm entrusting my essence and being to someone I think I should know if I feel I can at least be comfortable with them before I make a decision on if I'll see them.Ronnie gave me a free 20 minute session. He answered all my questions frankly and I felt very comfortable with him. I have a lot to work through with him spanning my lifetime. I can comfortably discuss anything with him without any concerns on what he may think. He's always careful to check how I'm going during a session and the following week how I was after the session so I never feel pressured or just pushed along. Everything is at my pace - not his.He uses a variety of methods to best assist me. He is there FOR me, NOT to push, NOT to judge. I feel we have made great inroads and I cannot recommend him more highly.Review author ★★★★★ Started seeing Ronnie when I was in a low point of my life but after a few sessions. Not only has he helped me through but provided great tools that I am able to use practically in my everyday life style🥰Review author ★★★★★ I’m sincerely grateful and appreciative for the guidance and support I received from Ronnie! I entered into seeking support not knowing what to do or how to understand my situation but after talking about what was going on for me and then really looking inside myself exploring and understanding my emotions, what I was observing gave me the strength and courage to make decisions about myself that I needed to live a more positive and fulfilling life. Ronnie’s experience and gentle, reassuring tone really made this process a positive and empowering experience.Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie has been fantastic to work with. His friendly approach puts you at ease from your first session, I had never heard of Somatic therapy before and thought it was worth a shot, we have been working together for several months now and the results have been subtle, yet when I look back now we have worked on and resolved some seriously big issues, I had not put time into resolving. Thanks Ronnie for all your help.Review author ★★★★★ My sessions with Ronnie have made an impact on my life that cannot be understated. I’ve found a profoundly positive and persistent shift in my relationship with myself since taking the time to talk with him. I would definitely recommend Ronnie to anyone seeking guidance on the path toward self care.Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie has such a beautiful open and caring heart and has been there for me with me through some really sticky times giving me a safe place to honestly and openly express and be held in such a nurturing and caring way. An absolute gem of a counselor ! Truly recommend !Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie's somatic therapy approach helped me unlock the deep-rooted emotions stored in my body, leading to profound emotional release and a sense of renewal.Review author ★★★★★ Working with Ronnie had been transformational. His somatic based therapy has helped me to make unconscious patterns conscious and helped to release them from the body so that new ways of being and healing are possible. I highly recommend working with Ronnie. He is a true gem.Nicola L.Review author ★★★★★ Professional and friendly counselling! Have recommended to friends.Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie is a very good counsellor. Really enjoy his technique and most of all getting great results with each session. Very relaxed and comfortable sessions. Highly recommend.Review author ★★★★★ I extremely appreciate Ronnie's equally personal and professional approach to therapy, I feel a calm confidence with how each session is guided with compassion, understanding, gentleness, respect, positive optimism, honesty and purpose. The way these things appear to seamlessly weave together to create a truly transformative space is a pleasure to be apart of and shows a level of passion, dedication and knowledge that for me really is very valuable. In summary, have nothing negative to say about my experience here and highly recommend it.Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie is a great counsellor and I liked his techniques. Felt the results were good. I saw him online which worked way better than I expected.Review author ★★★★★ I’ve been working with Ronnie for a while now. He’s been really helpful, encouraging and aided in my journey to finding the answers that I sought about myself. He’s a great guy, would highly recommend for those seeking a great psychotherapist. =)js_loader

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