What to expect

A relaxed environment which is both empathic, nurturing and gently bringing your awareness higher, yet also is grounded and pushes for change

The first therapy session

After the first session, you will have a sense if you feel confident working together. We’ll discuss issues you’d like to work on, and how you’d ideally like to be around them, and maybe a bit of a background of your life story if relevant.  Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity, to ask me any questions about how therapy works.



Before coming it can be helpful to think about the areas you’d like to focus on. The more you share, the better I’ll able to develop an effective treatment plan

The more you give in therapy, the more you get back

What if it doesn’t feel right with the therapist?

Therapy has to feel right. I like to have a bit of an chat with each new client before committing to therapy, just to make sure we’re on the same page. While skills are vital as a therapist, perhaps the most important is the therapeutic relationship. 

How long does counselling take?

We can also discuss the options available to you. Short-term counselling, or long-term psychotherapy.

With short-term counselling, generally, 6-10 sessions might be needed. On the other hand, more in depth psychotherapy is begins at around 20 sessions and upwards.

It really depends. And what might start out as short term counselling, it may evolve to longer term psychotherapy. And the opposite is also true.


From our conversation, you’ll have an understanding of which direction you’d like to go in.

Feel free to connect and have a quick zoom call with me. You can schedule an appointment here. 


Therapy Session