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Getting good, effective teenager counselling in Melbourne, is really difficult. Many psychologist’s in Melbourne can be so out of touch the challenges teens go through, that therapy can be doomed from the get go.

Today’s adolescents face pressures from many outlets and platforms.  Whether it is the desire to be socially accepted by peers, bullied on social media platforms, or meeting parental demand for academic achievement, these are all sources of stress.  Unhealthy stress can resort in disorders such as anxiety, disruptive behavior, or even depression.

Our teenage years are almost unavoidably turbulent. We transition from the carefree days of childhood to the roles and responsibilities of adulthood; there are hormones and physical changes; increasing social pressure; and existential concerns about post-school life start to take centre stage.

Suffice to say, it’s not unusual to seek teenage counselling in Melbourne to help navigate these uncertain times.

Youth Teenage Counselling

What is Teen Counselling ?

Teen counselling provides a personalised process that helps teenagers deal with personal issues, as well as external factors outside of their control. A specialised counsellor can help your teen understand his or her thoughts and emotions, and to develop a plan to handle issues in a healthy way.

This intervention can help break the communication barrier that parents might be experiencing with teens dealing with a crisis or coping with a disorder.  Teenagers tend to open the lines of communication more in individual counselling sessions.  Participating in a family or group session can also be beneficial for the teen and parent. Specifically, it will remind the teenager of the support system readily available to him or her.

How does teenage counselling in Melbourne work?

It’s typical for me to first talk to a parent who has concerns about their child. I’ll try to find out as much as I can about their circumstances — what the problems appear to be, how things have changed over time.

I will then arrange an appointment with the teenager themselves. I’m happy to do this with the parent present, or if they consent and feel it would be preferable, I can talk directly to the teen alone.

A direct approach I find is best. It’s usually easier for a teenager to talk to a stranger about their issues, than be in front of their parents. I do my best to keep the parent informed about progress during the treatment, but parents must understand that there is still strict confidentiality between myself and the teen.

The actual counselling therapies I provide are the same as those with an adult. I take an holistic approach to psychotherapy that combines a variety of treatment modalities, from CBT to somatic therapy and others in-between. This way I’m able to provide a service that is just as unique as your teen’s situation and complex feelings.

The key difference when providing teenage counselling services is to understand how to get a teenager to a point they’re receptive to the therapy. It requires a great deal of patience, understanding, and experience — and I am proud to be able to offer exactly this to the people of Melbourne.

What to Expect from a Teenage Counselling therapist?

Teen counselling can help adolescents address a wide range of issues.  It can help those with a mental health diagnosis as well as those without a diagnosis.  Specialised teen counsellors can explore evidence and research-based practices to help your teen gain a keen level of self-awareness involving their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

  • Has your teen recently experienced the loss of a family member or friend?
  • Has your teen’s behaviour recently changed, or grades suddenly declined?
  • Has your teen recently experienced separation from a parent due to divorce?

These are examples of stressors that can enable unhealthy behaviour patterns or cause acute mood disorders or emotional disturbances. Counselling can help your teen handle these stressors in a healthy way.

Take the step towards getting your teen back to a healthy place where they can start enjoying life again.

Do you need a teenage therapist in Melbourne?

If you’re worried you might need a youth therapist, here are some of the signs you can look out for. If you see one or more of these, consider seeking a counsellor:

  • Mood and behaviour changes following a death or major illness in a family member or peer group.
  • Deterioration in the family unit
  • Significant decrease in academic performance
  • If you discover there is chronic bullying occurring at school, or even in their workplace
  • Shifts in eating and sleeping habits
  • Your teen showing signs of depression such as low mood, disrupted sleep, irritability, or inability to enjoy things they previously loved
  • Highly emotional or erratic behaviour

Be aware of your child’s behaviour as they enter their teenage years, and keep an eye out for any signs of dramatic changes. Try to engage with your child regularly, and be as active a part of their lives as you can.

If you think your child should see a teenage therapist in Melbourne, please, do not hesitate to contact me. I offer exceptionally flexible hours, and even provide online counselling for teenagers who may not feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.

Customer Testimonials: Feedback from My Clients

Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie has been fantastic to work with. His friendly approach puts you at ease from your first session, I had never heard of Somatic therapy before and thought it was worth a shot, we have been working together for several months now and the results have been subtle, yet when I look back now we have worked on and resolved some seriously big issues, I had not put time into resolving. Thanks Ronnie for all your help.Review author ★★★★★ My sessions with Ronnie have made an impact on my life that cannot be understated. I’ve found a profoundly positive and persistent shift in my relationship with myself since taking the time to talk with him. I would definitely recommend Ronnie to anyone seeking guidance on the path toward self care.Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie has such a beautiful open and caring heart and has been there for me with me through some really sticky times giving me a safe place to honestly and openly express and be held in such a nurturing and caring way. An absolute gem of a counselor ! Truly recommend !Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie's somatic therapy approach helped me unlock the deep-rooted emotions stored in my body, leading to profound emotional release and a sense of renewal.Review author ★★★★★ Working with Ronnie had been transformational. His somatic based therapy has helped me to make unconscious patterns conscious and helped to release them from the body so that new ways of being and healing are possible. I highly recommend working with Ronnie. He is a true gem.Nicola L.Review author ★★★★★ Professional and friendly counselling! Have recommended to friends.Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie is a very good counsellor. Really enjoy his technique and most of all getting great results with each session. Very relaxed and comfortable sessions. Highly recommend.Review author ★★★★★ I extremely appreciate Ronnie's equally personal and professional approach to therapy, I feel a calm confidence with how each session is guided with compassion, understanding, gentleness, respect, positive optimism, honesty and purpose. The way these things appear to seamlessly weave together to create a truly transformative space is a pleasure to be apart of and shows a level of passion, dedication and knowledge that for me really is very valuable. In summary, have nothing negative to say about my experience here and highly recommend it.Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie is a great counsellor and I liked his techniques. Felt the results were good. I saw him online which worked way better than I expected.Review author ★★★★★ I’ve been working with Ronnie for a while now. He’s been really helpful, encouraging and aided in my journey to finding the answers that I sought about myself. He’s a great guy, would highly recommend for those seeking a great psychotherapist. =)js_loader

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