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Talking to a trained therapist who is compassionate and empathic can provide support for a healthy grieving process, that is unique for you.

Grief Counselling Melbourne 

Mourning and Grieving

The pain of losing someone close can be unbearably painful, and cross culturally, there are four stages of grief; shock, denial, anger / guilt, despair / depression, and acceptance.

Shock | Denial | Anger & Guilt | Depression | Acceptance


How can Grief Counselling help?

Sometimes, just to be seen and acknowledged in a safe space, can alone be helpful in the grieving process. Losing someone can be be quite an emotional adjustment

The Grief Counselling Melbourne Clinic can help you to:

  • To accept the reality of the loss
  • To work through the pain of grief
  • To adjust to life without the deceased
  • To maintain a connection to the deceased while moving on with life

Simple Grief vs Complicated Grief

For some, grief can become overwhelming and become chronic.

Rather than moving through the natural stages, some get stuck, and deteriorate. This is known as complicated grief.

Some symptoms may include:

  • Excessive ruminating on their loss
  • Challenges Accepting the loss 
  • Dissociate (numbness, avoidance)
  • Execssive bitterness
  • Depressive symptoms (more here)
  • Losing trust in people

Prolonged Grief Disorder

In some cases (about 10%), prolonged grief disorder (PGD) occurs, making the grieving process even more difficult. Intense yearning, confusion of one’s role in life, avoiding reminders of the reality, and a host of other criteria may mean PGD. This can mean one’s life is truly on pause, and they have no yet gone through the grieving process.


Grief can manifest in different ways

Essentially, grief is the idea of losing someone, or something that we love. Some different grieving events could be:

  • Mourning the death of someone
  • Relationship breakups
  • The death of a pet
  • Miscarriage / abortion
  • Children leaving home
  • Redundancy
  • Changing Schools
  • Migrating from one country to a new one

    How does the Grief Counselling Melbourne Clinic Work?

    If you’re struggling in the grieving process, please get in touch. I offer a gentle and powerful approach in working through the different stages of grief and would be honoured to work with you through this process. 

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