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PTSD Treatment

Trauma, occurs in a number of ways affecting survivors in profound and vastly different ways. The effects of a traumatic event, can occur close to the traumatic event, or symptoms may present many years later.

What are Trauma Events?

A traumatic even is something which is completely out of the realms of what is considered normal behaviour. It goes beyond the realm of the logic, which is why trauma can be experienced by toddlers.

Child abuse, interpersonal violence, rape, sexual assault, exposure to death, torture or the threat of death, as well as cumulative maltreatment are examples.

What are the symptoms of ASD and PTSD?

Some of the symptoms include disassociation, and numbness where survivors may blank out, not feeling as though they are in their body. Flashbacks, nightmares, avoiding situations that remind them of the event, increased anxiety, and reliving the trauma are also common in survivors.

Moreover, the effects these events can have on our interpersonal and intrapsychic lives effects our relationships with ourselves, and others. It’s also common for some survivors to experience depression, along with PTSD.

Why am I experiencing this now, for something that happened so long ago?

When trauma occurs, the cortex becomes overloaded, sending incorrect messages to the hippocampus – in essence, the thinking part of the brain, believes its still under imminent threat today, for something that may have occurred months, or even many years ago.

How does the Trauma Counselling Melbourne Clinic Treat PTSD?

PTSD is treatable. Not only can the symptoms be managed, and be gone, but after treatment, clients gain so much more.

A very gradual and delicate approach is in working with PTSD. Using both body based somatic focusing therapies helps to  release blocked emotions stored in the body. However, when working this way, I make sure that it’s done in a very safe environment once my clients have enough tools. This is emotional surgery, and the right balance has to be there.

This coupled with traditional therapies, helps the client have a more holistic approach.

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