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The Counselling Melbourne Clinic Does not offer couples counselling. Our relationship services is for one-on-one only

Relationships come with a variety of challenges. When a relationship is going well, it’s wonderful. But when a relationship deteriorates, it can be emotionally and physically draining. With relationship mastery, it’s possible to gain the tools to turn things around, either with your current partner, or the next one.

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Single’s Help & Dating Coach

We all want to love and be loved. Being single, can be isolating, and lonely, and can sometimes lead to depression, exacerbating one’s state in a vicious cycle. A range of issues can lead to being single:

* Shyness – Assertiveness training, can help client’s approach potential partners.

* Choosing the wrong person –

Using a combination of psychotherapy, and coaching, facing your fears and finding love is achievable.


Bad arguments

couple arguing

Every relationship argues. With two different people, different values, rules, expectations, arguments are bound to happen. It’s just that when arguments get out of control, and you find out that arguments are over the most seemingly mundane trivial matters, something’s not quite working. Developments in relationship behaviour and interactions in conjunction with therapy have proven to help couples argue in a healthier manner.

Should I stay or should I go?

should I stay or should I go

One of the most difficult dillema’s is trying to determine if a relationship has run its course, or if it can, not just be saved, but turned around so that it thrives. It’s excrutiantingly difficult to figure this out alone. Having a trained counsellor help through this difficult period, can help you get the clarity with absolute confidence, that you made the right decision, along with either an exit stratregy, or a rejuvination strategy.

How to end a relationship

Game over - Thank you for playing

Making the decision to end a relationship is difficult. Finding the courage, and navigating through the delicate nature of how, can for some be a time of immense anxiety. For others, it can also be a time of concern for the safety of themselves or their children. With proper insight, planning, and an exit strategy, that assures the safety of all, a trained therapist can offer refuge in assisting with hope, and a plan. And of course, assistance in helping guide if the relationship really is at the end, or can be brought back to life again.

Dealing with infidelity

Cheating Relationships

One of the most painful events that can occur in a relationship is a spouse cheating. The betrayal can hit the deepest of wounds, yet recovery is not only possible, it

Increasing Love and Passion in your Relationship

Love heart with hands


Work, children, community involvement, health issues, house duties, shopping, bills, and just plain boredom can all get in the way of a passionate relationship. It is possible to bring surprise, love, tenderness, sex, passionate sex, fun, and life back into a relationship. A relationship needs a balance of certainty, and variety. With the right coaching, b

The most intimate expression of love in a relationship, is sex.

Financial Abuse

Abuse comes in many shapes and sizes, and financial abuse is no stranger that many partners are subject to. Here, the abuser will control their partner by limiting  their funds, demand strict budgets, including managing their partners own personal wages. If you are in this situation, a payment plan can be arranged, and a sound strategy to regain your independence can be achieved. What may seem like an impossible situation, speaking to a trained counsellor and psychotherapist can help formulate a pathway out.

Domestic Violence Counselling Melbourne

If you’re in an abusive relationship the  violent behaviour, is a constant threat to one’s own personal safety. The erratic nature, and meeting impossible demands, has the immense power to crush one’s spirit, and sense of self. The human spirit is more resilient however, and with effective counselling, change is possible.


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