Ronnie Adamowicz

Psychotherapist | Counsellor | Life Coach | Wellness Coach

We face each other in the betweeness between us – Watsuji Tetsuro

A Little About Ronnie

Ronnie offers a range of innovative and helpful techniques to help unpack and explore his client’s unique challenges in a safe and supportive environment.

Taking a flexible humanistic, person-centred
somatic approach, Ronnie covers such issues as trauma, anxiety/depression, attachment injuries,  relationship problems and general existential distress.

Ronnie’s therapeutic style rests heavily on evidence based experiential somatic body-centred work, known as Focusing Oriented Therapy. He also incorporates a wide range of cognitive  therapeutic tools, such as existential psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, process experiential emotion focused psychotherapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy providing you with a tailored, best-of-breed approach.

Ronnie is a firm believer that good therapy needs to link the wisdom of the heart and the rationale of the mind, such that therapeutic outcomes are more integrated and holistic.

A merging of worlds are also seen in Ronnie’s spiritual and philosophical pursuits. Trained in the mystical wisdom of Kabbalah, as well as in the latest evidence based developments in holistic modern psychotherapy, Ronnie offers clients the space to feel deeply into the present moment, to the messages contained in the body, heart and mind that have just been waiting for some gentle attention.

Ronnie believes powerfully in the importance of alignment; between mind, heart and our choices in life. He feels privileged and indeed destined to offer his clients the opportunity to find this deeper
alignment and navigate life’s challenges more authentically and mindfully.

Ronnie is available for consultations from Sunday to Friday, via zoom or in person.

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Focusing Somatic Experiential Therapy
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