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I exist in two places, here and where you are – Margaret Artwood

Counselling on your terms

There’s nothing more satisfying (or indulgent!?) than working from home and attending a work meeting from the comfort of your own home wearing your pyjama’s.

COVID-19, has changed how businesses across the world operate, seeing many industries to work from home, where video conferencing exploded in popularity.

It radically changed how myself, and other mental health practitioners interacted with clients.

Therapy over zoom / skype are just as effective

A study in 2016 (Thompson) found that online counselling was just as effective as face to face therapy. Moreover, my own experience has seen a dramatic reduction in cancellations, which is always seen as a strong indication of successful therapy.

The benefits that I’ve seen with my clients since Covid-19 have been profound.

Governments around the world during COVID-19 saw the  urgent need for teletherapy supporting therapists to see their clients in this way.

We’ve all missed appointments because of misplacing keys, or struggling to find a park, or just bad traffic. That alone is enough to make you want to go to therapy!

In some of my somatic body focusing work, I take clients into a somewhat hypnotic meditative space, and the use of headphones creates an all encompassing aural experience that helps my clients enter into a deeper space. 

My online clients are from all corners of the world, Los Angeles, NYC, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and most recently Tahiti! However many of my Melbourne clients (where I currently reside), also every now and then use online counselling due to its convenience.

Ready to take the online plunge?

Six tips you to get the most out of teletherapy

In order to make therapy effective online, you’ll need to make sure that you can create a therapeutic space that works:


No distractions from outside world (kids, siblings, TV, locked door etc.) You need to feel 100% comfortable to completely be able to share and speak your mind.

Good camera placement (torso upwards, good lighting).

Do Not Disturb on your phone, and laptop

A comfortable chair, or couch

Headphones are preferred


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