17 Reasons Why My Depression Counselling Melbourne Practice Has Such A High Success Rate & How it Can Help You In Depression Treatment In Melbourne Fast.

Depression, it’s not fun. And getting that energy you once had is indeed possible. I know only too well the stories we tell ourselves that prevent us from getting help. In this page, I’ll outline some of the common reasons I hear, along with reason’s why they’re off. And then, I’ll outline 7 reasons why my depression counselling Melbourne practice keeps attracting those looking for Depression treatment in Melbourne, Sydney, London, NYC, and Tel Aviv

Over 3 million Australians are suffering depression today


A little Intro

Depression sucks. You feel stuck, slow, miserable, have terrible sleep, and can’t even enjoy the little things. Thoughts like “I’ll snap out of it tomorrow” occur in a seemingly never ending tomorrow.

I’d even go as far as saying that depression is the most significant mental health epidemic in our generation.

One study estimates that up to one in 7 Australians experience depression in their lifetime.

Some studies say that up to 3 million Australians are suffering from depression today. And with Covid, that number is most certainly sure to spike.


You don’t need to keep living in this never ending cycle…



…you don’t need to do it alone

50% of the adult population with depression don’t seek assistance

And…the fact that you’re here, means you’ve pretty much made your mind. And that’s fantastic news. Feel free to book in a 20 minute free consult. You’ll quickly see if we’re the right fit for you.


A staggering 50% of the adult population with depression don’t seek assistance.

Nevertheless, we know therapy works.

The National Mental Health Association estimate that 80% of people who get treatment for depression recover.

So why aren’t we seeking treatment for depression?



Here Are 17 Reasons Why Our Depression Counselling Melbourne Practice Can Help You


1. I Don’t Just Use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Don’t get me wrong, CBT is fantastic. It’s considered to be the gold standard in therapy. And pretty much all therapists in some way employ this approach in their therapy.

And they have good reason to. Because it works.

I even use it.

But CBT has its limitations, and is considered to be quite robotic and mechanistic in nature.

Some may and can be compared to the Bob Newhart’s comedy sketch whereby a client is struggling, and the therapist (Bob Newhart)m takes a deep breath, and explains his revolutionary method…to just “stop it”

At my practice, we use a variety of interventions that are tailor made for each client. Some clients respond really well to CBT, others to Somatic Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy, and others to Existential, Psychodynamic, or Emotion Focused Therapy. And in some cases a blend may be used.

Some psychologists spend years studying how the brain works, or understanding mental conditions. But did you know that many psychologists spend just one year learning how to be therapists?

2. We also use a form of Somatic Therapy called Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy

We use the latest and most advanced forms of psychotherapy.  You can read more about it somatic therapy here

3. We offer a Free 20 minute consult

Many therapists don’t offer this. Which I find quite puzzling. Every therapist knows that perhaps the the most important factors in effective therapy, is the need for a good “therapeutic alliance” with the therapist.

Yet some don’t offer this.

This is what separates us from many therapists out there.

That’s precisely why I offer a free 20 minute consult. Done over zoom, you’ll get a good sense if we’re a good fit. Book in your free 20 minute consult here. Begin your depression treatment in Melbourne, by booking here today.

6. In Person and Online Zoom Sessions

We offer both in person and online zoom session. This gives our clients the very best flexibility in what works for them. Read more about our online counselling here

7. Our Practice Offers After Hours Service At No Extra Cost

Most therapists work during business hours. Many of our clients simply can’t take an hour off during the day. So, we now offer our clients, after hours counselling for depression treatment in Melbourne. And yes, there’s no extra charge for after hours service.

8. Easy Booking with zero hassles

We want this to be super easy for you. Sessions can be booked either through calling, or by booking online. Sessions can be cancelled or rescheduled without having to call anyone. We just want this to be as easy as possible for you.

9. Guaranteed service – or a full refund

If you’re not happy with how a session went, simply send us a text message, and your session will be refunded. We’re not here to make profits, but to make a change. We’ve never had anyone ask for a refund yet, but it’s there if you need.

10.Our therapists are required to and have a strong commitment to personal development

We live and breath mental health. In fact, we’re all required to continue our learning as therapists to ensure you get the very best therapy.

11. We are members of PACFA

To be a PACFA member requires us to adhere to the highest standards in psychotherapy in Australia. This includes privacy, ethics, and so much more to ensure our clients have the very best care.

12. Over 30% of my Clients Are recommended by other Clients

That’s an incredible feat, and it’s extremely unlikely that you will find any other practice that has such a high referral rate.

13. We’re not your average Psychologist!

Traditionally, psychologists learn an incredible amount about human behaviour, the brain, how to diagnose mental health conditions, and how to research. It’s an incredibly broad science.


Did you know a lot of psychologists don’t actually train how to be therapists, unless that’s a specific route they decide to go down?

All of our therapists, including myself, trained specifically how to be a therapist. It’s an important and vital distinction.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of the very very best therapists I know are psychologists. But that’s because they’ve had training.

14. A mix of East meets West

Read about my journey. I’ve lived in Israel for over 12 years having learnt with some of the most profound rabbi’s about human psychology from an esoteric kabbalistic stance. This mixed in with my formal training as a psychotherapist in Australia allows for a holistic, heart felt and evidence based practice.

Therapists who work at my practice have been chosen specifically for

15. Reach Your Goals Faster With Us

Left untreated, depression typically gets worse

Recovery time from depression depends on many  variables.  Genetics, family history, and life circumstances all play a role.

Nevertheless after 6 to 8 sessions, most people will see significant improvement in their symptoms.

In some cases

16. Other ways That Make Us Different

Counselling dramatically increases your recovery time. Here are some other benefits:

  • Structure and goals
  • Finding work that you love
  • Working with a relationship issue
  • Gain insight into behaviours that contribute to depression.
  • Prevent depressive episodes in the future
  • Support in making big decisions

If you or someone you know is at immediate risk call 000, Lifeline on 131114, or Suicide Callback service on 1300 659 467.

When these symptoms get to a level where it affects day-to-day activities, such as work, enjoying leisure time and maintaining relationships, it’s probably a good idea to start looking into therapy.

17. Zero Wait Time

Many therapists at the moment have a wait list of over 6 weeks. We’ve structured our practice in such a way that you can speak often on the same day.


What causes depression?

Often circumstances can cause depression; relationship issues, loss of direction, low self esteem.

Some have a genetic predisposition to depression.

Also, your unique upbringing. For example, a rough relationship with a parent, or being picked on at school.

And of course, perhaps current circumstances may be bringing you down. For example, relationship issues, or loss of direction in life.

And of course post natal or peri natal depression.



Contact us for help with Depression in Melbourne

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