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Assertiveness, in essence, means a person is able to stand up for their own values and has the confidence to put forth their own ideas. So pervasive is assertiveness, is that nearly any social interaction will and can be as small as voicing your opinion about where you want to go to dinner, as prominent as letting your boss know why you deserve a raise.

Assertiveness, can be divided into three camps:

  1. Agressive
  2. Passive
  3. Passive-agressive
  4. Assertive

Let’s look at these four ways of being

4 types of assertiveness

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Being Assertive – The middle path of an Assertiveness Training Course

Assertiveness is the middle path. This allows for people to  voice their opinions without undermining other people’s. They encourage others to share their thoughts while also sharing their own. Assertive people do not turn hostile when others disagree with them–instead, they try to work with the other person because they are able to understand the other person’s concerns and values.

Assertive people are often well-liked because they bring their own ideas forward with confidence in a way that does not hurt others. Assertiveness gives someone the ability to move forward with their goals and reach their fullest potential because are not limiting themselves in any way.

Assertive Behaviours:

  • Being truthful and open about desires and wishes
  • Approaching conflict constructively and without hostility
  • Not holding back concerns or helpful critiques
  • Active listening when the other person is speaking
  • Attempting to empathise with the other person
  • Controlled emotions

What is an Assertiveness Training Course?

Assertiveness training is a therapeutic training practice that helps a person become empowered and more confident in themselves.

Through exercises that work to improve areas such as communication and conflict resolution, therapists and trainers specialising in assertiveness are able to help clients reach their personal assertiveness goals.

My Assertiveness training Melbourne course can be face to face, or via zoom online, and can be beneficial to both passive or aggressive people who want to learn how to assert themselves in the healthiest way possible.

Do you find it difficult be assertive?

The ability to express yourself, in a way that displays confidence, as well as gets respect from your friends, sales meeting, and strangers, is perhaps one of the most desired traits.

Not being able to assert yourself can range from ruining relationships, to gaining them, to asking for a raise, or to present an idea at the office which actually get’s listened to.

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem in Assertiveness Training

Self-confidence and Self-esteem are both underlying components of being assertive.

Self-confidence is a person’s faith in their abilities, while self-esteem means a person’s sense of self.

To develop assertiveness, it is important to develop both of these components in order for a person to both meet their own needs and to be open to other people’s views and criticism.

People who have low self-confidence tend to downplay their abilities, while people with low self-esteem tend to feel unworthy of many things in life.

Therapists focus on practices that rewire low self-esteem in Melbourne practices as well as in exercises that help individuals fully realise their self-confidence.

Assertiveness Training Melbourne Course

The Assertiveness training course can be done our offices face to face, or from the comfort of your own home via zoom.

It’s  geared towards educating the individual about what assertiveness looks like, and then working with them to find assertive actions they can take.

Therefore, Assertiveness training in Melbourne is tailored to each individual and takes into account their personal goals. Through role-play exercises and communication strategies, trainers work to help clients identify certain non-assertive behaviours and how to replace them with more assertive ones.

Therapists recognise that every client is at a different point in their path to being more assertive, and, as a result, training plans are catered for each client and their specific needs.

How can an Assertiveness Training Course help?

Assertiveness is not simply an inborn trait–it is a skill that can be learned through training and repetition. Learning to be assertive has a lifelong impact on every area of an individual’s life. Through practice, role-play, and discussions with therapists, clients who undergo assertiveness training at Melbourne are able to identify and reach their assertiveness goals.

Successful training ends with a more self-confident individual who is able to understand the needs of others as well as their own. Clients learn that all opinions have value and that they can assert their own opinions without being overly aggressive or passive.

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