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Learn To Listen To The Wisdom
Of The Body

Hi, I’m Ronnie

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Helping empowering others to a more fulfilling sense of self, and restoring peace in their lives, is something that gives me the utmost fulfilment in my life. Ever since I was a child, I have wondered at what makes people tick.

My approach gently guides clients toward a more intimate look at their inner emotional world, attempting to reacquaint the parts of themselves that can get drowned out by too much noise.

I employ several therapeutic modalities, seated within a humanistic framework. Using Somatic Experiential Focusing Oriented Therapy (FOT), Process Experiential Emotion Focused Therapy (PEEFTT or EFT) as well as the more traditional therapies, such as existential psychotherapy and  psychodynamic psychotherapy.

What to expect?
A relaxed environment which is both empathic, nurturing and gently bringing your awareness higher, yet also is grounded and pushes for change. Let’s Work Together!

Customer Testimonials: Feedback from My Clients

Review author ★★★★★ I’m sincerely grateful and appreciative for the guidance and support I received from Ronnie! I entered into seeking support not knowing what to do or how to understand my situation but after talking about what was going on for me and then really looking inside myself exploring and understanding my emotions, what I was observing gave me the strength and courage to make decisions about myself that I needed to live a more positive and fulfilling life. Ronnie’s experience and gentle, reassuring tone really made this process a positive and empowering experience.Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie has been fantastic to work with. His friendly approach puts you at ease from your first session, I had never heard of Somatic therapy before and thought it was worth a shot, we have been working together for several months now and the results have been subtle, yet when I look back now we have worked on and resolved some seriously big issues, I had not put time into resolving. Thanks Ronnie for all your help.Review author ★★★★★ My sessions with Ronnie have made an impact on my life that cannot be understated. I’ve found a profoundly positive and persistent shift in my relationship with myself since taking the time to talk with him. I would definitely recommend Ronnie to anyone seeking guidance on the path toward self care.Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie has such a beautiful open and caring heart and has been there for me with me through some really sticky times giving me a safe place to honestly and openly express and be held in such a nurturing and caring way. An absolute gem of a counselor ! Truly recommend !Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie's somatic therapy approach helped me unlock the deep-rooted emotions stored in my body, leading to profound emotional release and a sense of renewal.Review author ★★★★★ Working with Ronnie had been transformational. His somatic based therapy has helped me to make unconscious patterns conscious and helped to release them from the body so that new ways of being and healing are possible. I highly recommend working with Ronnie. He is a true gem.Nicola L.Review author ★★★★★ Professional and friendly counselling! Have recommended to friends.Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie is a very good counsellor. Really enjoy his technique and most of all getting great results with each session. Very relaxed and comfortable sessions. Highly recommend.Review author ★★★★★ I extremely appreciate Ronnie's equally personal and professional approach to therapy, I feel a calm confidence with how each session is guided with compassion, understanding, gentleness, respect, positive optimism, honesty and purpose. The way these things appear to seamlessly weave together to create a truly transformative space is a pleasure to be apart of and shows a level of passion, dedication and knowledge that for me really is very valuable. In summary, have nothing negative to say about my experience here and highly recommend it.Review author ★★★★★ Ronnie is a great counsellor and I liked his techniques. Felt the results were good. I saw him online which worked way better than I expected.Review author ★★★★★ I’ve been working with Ronnie for a while now. He’s been really helpful, encouraging and aided in my journey to finding the answers that I sought about myself. He’s a great guy, would highly recommend for those seeking a great psychotherapist. =)js_loader

“Listen to the Wisdom Of Your Body”

“Don’t Believe Everything You Think”

In Order To Heal You Have To Feel

“There is more wisdom in your body than in the deepest philosophy”
– Nitzsche

“Those who have a why to live can bear with almost any how”

“What is not felt stays the same. What is felt changes.”- Gendlin

“Change emotions through emotions.”
– L. Greenberg

How Somatic Therapy Can Help

The fight-flight-freeze response is so pervasive, that even when the event is gone, a residue in the body’s  nervous system remains, creating discord which can result in, anxiety,  stress and depression.

Our life can feel unbalanced when there is a disconnect between the body and mind. While we can often  “think” our way through challenges and obstacles, the imprint left on the body’s nervous system can often create discord, resulting in feeling stuck.

Through a mechanism known as interoception and proprioception, an awareness of the inner landscape of emtotions allows for a fundamental shift in how the nervous system processes emotions. This allows one to not just reprogram neurological reactions,  but fundamentally alters the nervous system’s response in  how we relate to the world, and ourselves.

The combination of focusing-oriented somatic psychotherapy with talk therapy,  our work together helps integrate the emotional landscape, as well as the body’s neurological nervous system.

This integration allows for a shift in unhealthy habits, limiting patterns, and unhealthy boundaries,  allowing the body’s nervous system to resolve itself back to its natural home – your authentic self.

Learning to listen to the wisdom of your body

The body has its own internal wisdom. We are so accustomed to using our mind to navigate the word, that when guided correctly, we discover a whole world beneath the surface that is so often ignored.

Using somatic based focusing psychotherapy  we can tune in and truly listen, perhaps for the first time. This can create something truly profound.

Renegotiate and heal the body

There’s a sense of coming back home using somatic based psychotherapy. Focusing offers a new way to relate to yourself that can truly heal.

Bring it back home
Somatic psychotherapy allows via a bodily “felt sense,” from the highly aroused survival energy within the nervous system to be safely experienced and gradually deactivated.

This is truly profound work, which needs to be shared to everyone

Traditional therapy meets somatic therapy

While I’m trained and employ traditional therapies such as existential, psychodynamic, and CBT, it’s the somatic  experiencing psychotherapy’s known as FOT – focusing oriented psychotherapy which is front and centre of my work. This allows for an integrated form of therapy that is truly holistic.

Create lasting changes

Creating change from all angles – reframing, cognitive errors, meaning making, as well somatically embodied changes. This integration allows for deep changes.

Depression Anxiety Stress Test

Psychologist’s and mental health professional’s around the world, use the online  DASS-21 Score as the gold  in standard in determining one’s depression, anxiety, and stress. Incidentally, DASS acronym, is Depression, Anxiety, Stress Score (DASS). The DASS-21 is the most common version of it, and it only takes a few minutes.

My areas of speciality

Teens and Adolescents
Grief Counselling
Anger Management
Anxiety & Stress

What to expect

A relaxed environment which is both empathic, nurturing and gently bringing your awareness higher, yet also is grounded and pushes for change. Let’s Work Together!