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For me, being a psychotherapist is not a title, but rather a humbling calling and privilege. Helping empowering others to a more fulfilling sense of self, and restoring peace in their lives is something which gives me the utmost fulfilment in life.

Therapy – it’s not what you think (or is it?)

A session with Ronnie Adamowicz is an opportunity to slip gently from your everyday and listen more intently to the messages and the wisdom coming from within.

Ronnie’s approach guides you towards a more intimate look at your inner emotional world, and lets you reacquaint with the parts of yourself that can get drowned out by too much noise, and too much to do.

Often, it’s these parts that most need your non-judgemental attention.

When it comes to navigating difficult terrain, enlisting the help of a skilled and trusted guide such as Ronnie can make all the difference.

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Finding the right therapist is a critical important part of your journey.  Please get in touch, and I’ll be happy to arrange a time for us to chat. After our first session, you should have a pretty good idea if we are a good fit.


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