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Dont ever be afraid to show off your true colours. The LGBT Counselling Melbourne Counselling Clinic is few doors down from the Pride Centre on Fitzroy Street. We are LGBT allies, and offer a non judgemental, professional therapeutic environment.

LGBTQIA Counselling Services 

Australia and much of the western world have made incredible strides due to legal reforms, and sociocultural acceptance. However, discrimination, prejudice, ostracisation of the LGBT community are still very much embedded in the workforce, family, and the broader community, creating very difficult challenges.

Finding an LGBT ally therapist, is imperative. Whether you’re coming out, have relationship difficulties, a therapist who doesn’t understand the lived experience can make clients feel judged.

LGBT Coming Out

When you please others in hopes of being accepted, you lose your self worth in the process.

Coming out, depending on your family, peers, and colleagues, can be very frightening, and at times may cause isolation, rejection, and physical violence. Moreover, cultural,  religious expectations, as well as individual attributes,  further add complexities to an already complicated situation.

Speaking to a trained psychotherapist or psychologist can help create a plan that both mental and physical safety.

Parents Supporting LGBT Children

Many parents struggle with the adjusting to LGBT children. Expectations, prejudices, misconceptions, social pressures, religious ideas, community expectations, all can play heavily into parents.

Speaking to a counsellor who is familiar with the challenges parents go through, can have profound effects in adjustment, and can reestablish relationships, bringing them to a deeper connection with their loved ones.

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