Struggling to Find an After Hours Psychologist in Melbourne?

 You’ve got a busy schedule, and seeing a therapist during business hours just isn’t going to work. if you’re looking for an after hours psychologist Melbourne based, but are struggling to, then schedule a call today. I’m a Psychotherapist & Counsellor and I’m ready to work with you today.


Challenges seeing a therapist during work hours

Some of my clients who have full time jobs, simply can’t take time off during the day. And even if they could, the disruption in either travel, or even a zoom call in the middle of work, is something they just can’t do. The most common reasons my clients can’t see me during business hours are:

  • No privacy
  • No time
  • Even Zoom it’s hard to have privacy at work.
  • It’s too disruptive – I just can’t let go.
  • etc.

Finding a Psychologist who works after hours in Melbourne

And of course there’s the issue of actually finding an after hours psychologist in Melbourne. It can be a challenge. 

Advantages of seeing a Psychologist After Hours in Melbourne

It goes without saying the number one reason of seeing a psychologist after hours is the convenience. 

What about before hours.

I also work several days a week before work hours as well. 

Limited Availability for After Hours Therapy

Well, it just so happens you’re not alone. Unfortunately that means that spaces are limited. Schedule a call today for a no obligations 20 minute zoom (or phone) chat to see how we can work together. Get the best therapy for you today

After Hours Psychologist Melbourne