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Looking for a Counselling Newcastle Therapist? Or if you’re looking for a Psychologist Newcastle therapist with a twist, maybe it’s time to try somatic therapy?

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When looking at everything that’s happening in your life, whether it’s exercising, career, relationships, or even just being more assertive – can you improve?

Relationship woes? Or are you constantly taking on too much at work, resulting in stress, and causing life to be a little difficult to manage?

As a result,  bound to experience one of many challenges.

For example, you may consider therapy if you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, asserting boundaries, or even pondering if it’s time to leave your partner, or work.

As a result, working with a mental health provider, such as a counselling, psychologist, or psychotherapist in Newcastle can provide a wealth of resources that can really help.

So, if you think working with a psychologist in Newcastle can help, contact our office today. You can schedule an online, or in-person within minutes here.

Should I Talk to a Mental Health Professional?

The stigma of working with a counselling therapy service is not so present today. Moreover, the stigma that therapy is only for people who are “really crazy”, just doesn’t stack up.

For instance there’s an estimated 27,000 psychologists in Australia. This is a great example of how it’s simply not a stigma, but rather very much a part of the fabric of our society.

Mental health is very much in the forefront of today’s society.

The truth is, that speaking to counselling services in Newcastle can be really helpful. Even for “normal” people. 

While we may have support from friends and family, there’s only so much they can provide.

A skilled and trained therapist will have a skillset, and experience in knowing how to deeply listen. 

And it’s not just an empathic ear, or a place to vent. Trained therapists can help you process emotions, instil healthy behaviours, work through trauma. Some training can take years to master.

A good therapist can help get to the core of what’s really going on. And trying to do it alone, is often impossible.

Sure, we want to feel that “we’re okay” and that we don’t need any help.

However if you’ve found yourself in the same situation for a bit longer than seems reasonable, then perhaps it really is time to get some help.

So, if you think the benefits outweigh the cons, and are looking for Counselling in Newcastle, reach out and make a booking today. We offer a free consultation as well.

Mental Health Services Offered at Counselling in Newcastle

There’s a few area’s that we focus on at our practice. Feel free to read more about these below:

As a result of all the different struggles we face, consequently, the modalities used by the therapist are varied.

For example. standard top down approaches known as “talk therapy” is very effective. Examples of these includes therapies such as existential psychotherapy, or psychodynamic, or Emotion Focused Therapy fall in this camp.

Another example are the “bottom-up” therapies, which are somatic type therapies. If you’re looking for somatic therapy in Newcastle, or focusing oriented therapy, then you may be interested in this style, which can be fantastic for PTSD, anxiety, and depression. 

Which ever route you decide to go down, we’ll make sure to have a treatment plan which works towards a brighter day.

Are you ready to take the plunge but scared it might not be right? Book in a consultation for counselling in Newcastle. It’s free. And you’ll quickly get a sense if seeing a psychologist in Newcastle right for you.

Book Your First Session at Counselling in Newcastle

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Our aim is to make our services easy to access. That’s why we offer online sessions over zoom for our busy Newcastle Counselling clients.

We’re also available after hours, as well as weekends, so you can schedule in a time that works for you.

Not sure if you’ll gel with the therapist? That’s understandable, and that’s why we offer a free 20 minute consultation. You’ll meet your therapist over zoom, from the comfort of your own place, and quickly get a sense if your therapist is right for you.

Are you ready to make a change? Get your free 20 minute counselling session today in Newcastle, and let’s start the process in making things a little easier. 



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