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Holistic Counselling Melbourne

Probably one of the most integrative forms of therapy, holistic counselling is centered around the concept of  seeing the whole of the person.

This type of counselling (often) does not support the use of pharmaceutical treatments for behaviour change. Instead, the practice is based on using holistic methods to help a person change their behaviour from the inside out.

Traditional psychotherapy uses what is known as a top-down approach. Talk therapy, CBT, psychodynamic therapy are all top down approaches.

A relatively new approach, at least in the Western world, is called a bottom-up approach. Somatic therapy, is a bottom up approach.

This synergy between a top down, as well as a bottom up, is what I constitute a holistic modality to psychotherapy.

One’s sleeping habits, as well as diet and excercise also fall under the domain if holistic therapy.

Holistic therapy is ideal  if you’re looking to make significant changes to your life that are long-lasting, without adding in unnatural medications or practices.

Different Types of Holistic Therapy Melbourne Counselling

There are varying types of holistic counselling, most of which are often performed by a psychotherapist – which is someone who trained in using psychological practices to help people change their behaviours.

Some popular forms of psychotherapy include art therapy, music therapy, meditational practices, somatic psychotherapy, and dream analysis.

People who find a profound connection to or a belief in symbolism may benefit from art therapy or dream analysis. Both of these practices are centered around the idea that what we see in our dreams or how we choose to draw out our lives represents what our inner subconscious is feeling or interpreting.

Based on the works of Carl Jung, dream analysis is said to be a valued practice where clients discuss reoccurring or unique dreams with their therapist and then analyse them to determine what they may mean and how they apply to their lives today.

Art therapy has been around for decades and is beneficial for clients who need to work out their feelings towards an event that may have happened in their life.

They do so simply by drawing or painting and then analysing their work to figure out what their inner self is thinking and feeling. Both are highly beneficial practices.

Somatic Psychotherapy is another highly beneficial therapy technique that focuses on the inner landscape known as proprioception – an awareness of minute changes that occur in the body when processing trauma.

This practice helps clients centre themselves with their subconscious mind and tune inward to get a deeper understanding of how they are feeling, how to react to external situations, etc.

This practice is well sought-after and highly beneficial to clients who need help calming down during high-emotion circumstances, avoiding panic attacks, addressing how they feel about trauma, etc.

Psychotherapy often incorporates whole-body focus orienting therapy, which assists clients who are experiencing overwhelming emotions such as anxiety, panic, depression, etc. as well as for people who experience chronic or reoccurring pain with no successful treatments.

What happens in Holistic Therapy in Melbourne ?

What happens during session heavily depends on the type of counselling you are receiving.

However, there are a few common procedures. Your first session is solely about getting to know your therapist and letting your therapist get to know you.

The first session tends to be longer, averaging 90 minutes to 2 hours. During this time, you will discuss your goals with your therapist, your concerns, ask any questions, and see if you and your therapist are a good match!

From there your therapist will create a program for you and you’ll be seen accordingly. Holistic counselling is great for anyone struggling with emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, mania, panic, and many others. Remember, the body was designed to heal itself, you just have to allow it to do so!


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