How Accurate Is This Online Depression Test?

I’ll just get to the point – the online depression test below is considered to be the gold standard depression test used by psychologists around the world. It is highly accurate.

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How Long Does An Online Depression Test Take?

See for yourself below. It has 21 questions, and will take about 5 minutes.

Is There An Online Depression Test For Teens?

The online depression test for teens can be completed in minutes below. It’s the same for adults and teens

How Do I Interpret The Depression Score?

Once you complete the online depression test, you’ll get an instant score. You should see the score as a way to monitor your progress with your therapist.

Don’t have a therapist? Feel free to reach out for free 20 minute chat, and I’ll help explain what the scores mean.

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Depression Anxiety Stress Scale Calculator

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If you’re feeling depressed, don’t do it alone. I’ve been working with clients from all around the world. There is hope. . Things CAN be different, and psychotherapy for the treatment of depression can make a huge difference.