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Looking like your relationship may end? Needing some clarity if you should stay or go? Or recovering from a bad relationship. This is called Divorce Counselling or Separation Counselling. This is probably one of the most important times to seek a divorce psychologist or divorce counselor.


Why Divorce Counselling Helps

-Wheather you’re contemplating divorce, going through it, or are on the other end after divorce, divorce counselling is your friend. The effects of this stage in a relationship, can be similar to that of mourning the death of someone. Relationship with others, is perhaps what every living organism shares. Even inanimate objects relate to one another (the cycle of water, evaporation etc). And stopping that flow, there is a death of sorts. And it’s painful, sad, and… can also drive you to insanity!

Trying to make sense of what’s happening, can be next to near impossible when trying to figure it out alone.

Moreover, the emotional turmoil exacerbates dealing with the practical issues all the more complicated. This includes custody issues, splitting finances, homes, relocating, etc. This relationship stuff is hard!


👋 Hi, I'm Ronnie Adamowicz

I specialise in somatic psychotherapy, as well as other evidence based treatments such as psychodynamic, existential, Emotion Focused Therapy, and person centred therapy. I look forward to having a heart to heart with you. Find out more about me here.

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