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Looking for a Counselling Sydney Therapist? Ronnie Adamowicz is now practicing alongside psychologist  Sydney therapist to provide a complete psychotherapy service.

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Counselling in Sydney

We all have good and bad days, but when bad days outweigh the good, something needs to be done.

If you’re finding your daily life more challenging than usual, it might be time to talk to a therapist in Sydney for counselling.

Seeing the right professional, who is empathetic, well-trained, and experienced, can make a huge difference.

As a psychotherapist, counsellor, and life and wellness coach, I employ a variety of therapies, depending on the needs of the individual client.

My therapeutic approach emphasises somatic psychotherapy, a powerful and holistic therapy. I’m also trained and use CBT, EFT, Psychodynamic, and will always have these in my toolkit.

I have experience working with clients on problems such as anxiety, anger management, depression, and PTSD. I have also helped clients deal with grief, relationship problems, LGBTQ concerns, sex therapy, marriage problems, and attachment issues.

Whether you are an adolescent or an adult, I will make sure you feel comfortable throughout the therapeutic process.

Why see a psychotherapist in Sydney?

Seeing a psychotherapist will be rewarding and improve your mental health.

Working with the right psychotherapist can make a very positive difference in your life.

My psychotherapy services are held in-person at the Melbourne Counselling Clinic, but I also offer video Zoom sessions.

How do psychotherapists differ from psychologists?

You may have had a good experience seeing a psychologist in the past, but working with a psychotherapist is another excellent option. Let’s look at the main differences between a psychologist and psychotherapist.


  • Conduct talk therapy in one-on-one settings (in person or online)
  • Some psychotherapists provide couples, family, and group therapy
  • Use evidence-based therapy to improve your mental health
  • Provide holistic therapy
  • Engage in deeper therapeutic work
  • Help people overcome stress, past trauma, self-esteem issues and more
  • Explore past experiences and present symptoms


  • Provide talk therapy
  • Conduct research
  • Psychologists may refer to themselves as a psychotherapist since it’s an umbrella term
  • Rely on evidence-based therapies
  • Focus on mental health diagnoses
  • Focus on current symptoms
  • Tend to focus on issues in the present

Psychotherapy has many advantages:

As you can see, there are a few similarities between psychotherapists and psychologists.

In comparison to a psychologist, psychotherapists may have more flexibility with therapeutic models.

As a Sydney psychotherapist I utilise holistic and psychodynamic therapies, as well as evidence-based therapy.

Psychotherapists focus on the person, not just the symptoms they have.

As a Sydney psychotherapist, I will assist you in working through your psychological issues and overcome the long-lasting effects of trauma.

My approach as a Sydney psychotherapist:

In my practice, I provide psychotherapy and counselling for adolescents and adults.

While I use a combination of various therapies, my choice therapies are somatic psychotherapy and focusing oriented therapy.

These therapies help to rebalance the nervous system after prior trauma.

What therapies do I specialise in?

  1. Focusing oriented therapy – will help you gain awareness into their bodily “felt sense” which helps you overcome difficult emotions
  2. Person-centered therapy – an important, empowering approach that allows you, the client to have a voice in our therapeutic process
  3. Somatic therapy – a holistic body-centred approach that helps the body heal after traumatic events
  4. Emotion-focused therapy – focuses on adult relationships and attachment and bonding to improve relationships
  5. Existential therapy – A philosophical approach that emphasises the search for meaning and gaining self awareness rather than only mental health symptoms
  6. Cognitive behavioural therapy – aims to change unhealthy thought patterns

Counselling in Sydney

Counselling in Sydney will help you manage your mental health issues and find relief.

In general, counselling in Sydney will differ from my psychotherapy services because it is shorter in duration.

The short-term counselling I offer is typically 6-10 sessions.

During counselling I give you the opportunity to open up and discuss your current issues.

We will develop strategies to help you manage your difficulties. I approach counselling through talk therapy, combined with other therapies.

The counselling approach I take will vary depending on you as an individual, and what you come to see me for.

Feeling unsure about beginning therapy in Sydney?

It is not uncommon to have some apprehension about starting therapy.

I realise that it can be hard to open up to someone you do not know and share your story.

However, my nonjudgmental approach will help you feel at ease when discussing challenging topics.

With my assistance, your symptoms will improve and you will be able to understand yourself on a deeper level.

How to find the Right Psychologist Sydney Therapist?

A quick google search results in over 12,800 results for the term psychologist Sydney. How on earth does one find the right therapist?


12,800 Psychologist Sydney Therapist Search Results

And even thought I’ve explained the different therapies I offer, they are so complicated that it can be overwhelming to know what approach is best for you.

I quickly saw this problem, which is why I offer all my clients a 20 minute free counselling session via zoom. You’ll quickly see if we are well suited to one another. Also, I genuinely want you to have the best treatment possible. If I feel someone else is better suited, I’ll be upfront and put you in touch with someone. 

Sydney Online Counselling

I offer psychotherapy in person as well as zoom.

If you feel nervous about online counselling and have doubts about whether or not it will be helpful, do not worry.

The good news is that research supports that zoom can be just as effective as in-person therapy.

Psychotherapy and counselling via Zoom allow us to see each other face-to-face, to help us form a strong connection.

Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length, but initial sessions are 90 minutes long.

To learn more about my services, I offer a free 20-minute consultation via Zoom or telephone.

Book your first session today!