1. I’ll figure it out myself.

Ahhh, the good ‘ol “I’ve snapped out of this before” self talk.

No one wants to feel helpless. I get it.

I Don't Need Depression Counselling in Melbourne! I can do it myself!

Trying to snap out of it, when faced with depressive symptoms, is exceedingly difficult.

Therapy is estimated to help clients significantly within 6-10 sessions.

2, If I see a therapist it means something’s wrong with me. 

This line of thinking, often leads back to the first step. And you can get lost into some weird paradoxical loop that never ends.

The questions is, how long have you been thinking like this for? If you’ve been feeling down for weeks, months, or years, something needs to change.

If I Get Depression Counselling in Melbourne Something Is Wrong With Me.

The sooner you reach out and get help, the sooner you’ll start feeling great again.

And seeking the help of a trained therapist doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you.

In fact, it’s human to seek help. Every culture across history has always had some kind of mental health healer. Some are called Shamans, Rabbi’s, Priests, Witch doctors, Mediums, Sanyasa, Sadhu, Yogi, Sufi, Hermit and so on. Seeking help and leaning on others is what it means to be human.

3. I can’t be bothered

Well, doing almost anything when you’re depressed is tough. Covid really pushed the boundary in online counselling. You don’t even have to leave your house. And the results of online counselling have even been said to be better as it’s so accessible.

4. How will a stranger help? I’ve tried therapy once and it sucked.

First, therapists are trained. They’re trained to be good listeners. They may be a stranger in the beginning, but in time, seeing a therapist can be a truly wholesome and amazing experience. And if you’ve had bad experience with a therapist, that really is a shame. But don’t let past experiences, prevent you from seeking help.

How do you mitigate against landing with a dud therapist? Try and organise to see if you can have a chat with them first. My practice offers a 20 minute free consult, so at least you can “try before you buy”. Ask as many questions as you’d like. But more importantly, try and get a sense if you have a sense that you’ll work well with your chosen therapist.

4. It’s too expensive

Therapy can be expensive. That’s why it needs to be seen as an investment in yourself. If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, your productivity at work will suffer. Or you simply may not find the motivation to get a job. Investing in therapy, may actually be the biggest return on investment you’ll ever have. Both literally, and mentally.

Having said that, some simply cannot afford therapy. I’m a firm believer that access to mental health is a right that should be available to everyone, regardless of your income. To help with this, if you’re struggling financially, the first 6 sessions are available at a subsidised rate. See my FAQ for more info.

5. I don’t have time

I’m assuming you’ve been struggling for some time. And if that’s the case, then this problem won’t disappear by itself.

If you have the kind of problems that aren’t going to go away, finding a few hours to deal with them now might actually save you time, as well as money and heartache, in the end.

6. I can just speak to my friends and family

I’m a big believer in getting support from your friends and family. Obviously, they have to be good listeners, and be supportive. Getting support from friend and family can be really important. Seeing a therapist however isn’t the same as seeing a friend. A therapist can help process deep seeded patterns that lie beneath the surface, that a friend won’t be able to do. Even if you have a friend who is a therapist, speaking to them, is not the same, even they would tell you this. A therapist challenges you, helping not just provide insight, or strategies, but actually create corrective emotional experience.