What therapies does the Counselling Melbourne Clinic Use?

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – Aristotle

An overview of some of the therapies 

We offer a holistic counselling experience. Using an integrative approach using the modalities below.



Person Centred Therapy

Also known as Rogerian therapy after founder Carl Rogers. This approach is soft and gentle, and forms the basis for many therapies. The philosophy, allows the client to see for themselves what lays beneath. 

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Also known as Time-Limited-Dynamic-Psychotherapy (TLDP), this approach offers the client a way to notice patterns they have picked up that don’t serve them. It can be deep and confronting work, and the rewards are great.

Interpersonal Process Approach

The Interpersonal Process Approach, helps client see how they relate to others, in a more gentle approach than psychodynamic psychotherapy, and fosters a deep change, using a corrective emotional experience.


CBT can help client break negative thought patterns, using a logical coherent model. 

Focusing Oriented Therapy

This somatic based psychotherapy, helps integrate the aforementioned therapies. In essence, the body has a wisdom of its own. Focusing uses a radical approach in understanding it.

Existential  Oriented Therapy

Some of life’s biggest questions about our very nature are explored here. Our own death, freedom, responsibility and meaning. This paradigm gives the opportunity to explore these questions of the self.

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