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Get your relationship under control. Make it work. Or find the courage or insight if you should leave. As an online relationship counselling Melbourne therapist, I have the tools that can help make gain insight. If you’re in Melbourne, Jerusalem, NYC, or Antartica, I’m here and ready to help.

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It is perfectly normal for couples to have conflict. Even so, conflict in a relationship can sometimes become so overwhelming that it affects your day-to-day life, self-esteem, and overall well-being. While relationships can be among the most rewarding aspects of life, they can also be extremely challenging.

One way to help ease stress about your relationship struggles is to book a counselling session with Ronnie Adamowicz, an experienced psychotherapist, counsellor, life coach, and wellness coach. While Ronnie does not offer couples counselling, he offers individual counselling, in which you have the opportunity to discuss your relationship struggles in a safe space.

How can individual counselling improve your relationships?

Whether you are single or in a long-term relationship, individual counselling for relationships can help you get through difficult times and rough patches. Individual counselling can help you move forward, past the things that have interfered with your happiness in the relationship.

One thing is for sure: bottling up your emotions can be very destructive to your well-being, which is why relationship counselling is beneficial. With the help of experienced counsellor Ronnie Adamowicz, you will come to a place of peace within your life, within yourself, and within your relationship. Having a counsellor listen to you non-judgmentally is a very healing process itself.

Here are some issues that relationship counselling can help with:

  • Recovering after affairs and betrayals: Extramarital affairs often result in a fundamental lack of trust, which is detrimental to the relationship. Whether you had an affair and are experiencing guilt, or whether it was your partner’s infidelity, discussing your feelings with a counsellor about what happened can lead to a healthier relationship. It’s possible for you to recover, whether you ultimately stay in the relationship or not.
  • Building a healthy self-esteem: Having a healthy sense of self-esteem is not always easy, but counselling can help you build upon your self-esteem, allowing you to be happier, more self-assured, and able to be fully present in your relationship.
  • Coping with jealousy: Jealousy is a commonly experienced human emotion that can affect your relationships if it goes unchecked. Your feelings of jealousy can cause your partner to believe you do not trust them—this can lead to resentment over time. When you start counselling, you can work through your tendency to be jealous, which can improve your relationship.
  • Strategies to cope when conflict arises: Working one on one with Ronnie, you can develop strategies to help you better cope during times of conflict and stress within your relationships.
  • Marriage issues: Counselling can help you during times of uncertainty and stress related to marriage. This can range from your feelings about getting married for the first time to coping with the aftermath of divorce or separation.

Warning signs that you should seek counselling about your relationship:

Poor Communication

Perhaps the biggest sign that your relationship is struggling is poor communication between you and your partner. Does your partner ignore your concerns? Are there things you would like to bring up to your partner but just don’t know how? Relationship counselling can help you develop a plan for improving communication with your partner.

Lack of Intimacy

One aspect that may cause you to struggle in your relationship is a lack of intimacy. This can range from not having sex to never sharing a hug, or feeling as if you are emotionally distant from your partner. While it is normal for partners to have different emotional and sexual needs, failing to address these differences can result in a lack of connection. Counselling can help you process how you are feeling about intimacy and to develop strategies for discussing it with your partner.

Difficulty with Trust

One of the most common and challenging relationship struggles is broken trust. Conflict in relationships often develops after instances where trust has been betrayed, such as by lies, extramarital affairs, or other acts of dishonesty. Although these things can make it difficult to trust your partner, counselling can help you process your feelings related to broken trust. 

Mental Health Issues

Sometimes ongoing challenges in your relationship can result in depression, substance abuse, or a high level of anxiety on a day-to-day basis. Conversely, having mental health struggles could affect your relationship, too. If either of these are the case for you, seeing a counsellor could be very beneficial.

Relationship counselling in Melbourne

If any of the above has struck a chord with you, it is likely you could benefit from counselling to process your relationship difficulties. Ronnie’s practice at Melbourne Counselling Clinic can help you with a variety of issues that you are currently experiencing in your relationship. Relationships can bring us some of our greatest joys, but can also cause a great deal of distress when problems are not addressed. Thankfully, counselling can make your relationship struggles more manageable.

Counselling sessions with Ronnie are available via Zoom or telephone, or in person. Book a free 20-minute consultation with Ronnie today: 

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