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If you’re looking for Men’s counselling in Melbourne, or a male counsellor, I’d love to work with you.

Have you found yourself feeling as though you are in a slump? Or have you been feeling down and unable to pick yourself back up? Are you struggling with issues in your relationships, whether they be romantic, friendly, or familial? Or are you struggling with a mental health issue that is affecting the quality of your life? There are many issues that may appear throughout the course of every man’s life that may affect the quality of their living.

Everybody has gone through issues similar to these at one point in their lifetimes. Everybody has hit a slump in their lives that they just could not get themselves over alone. Many people can benefit from counselling, and yes, that does include men, despite what societal norms have conditioned us to think.

What the Statistics Say

Statistically, men tend to seek therapy less often than women. However, this does not mean that men do not suffer from mental health issues that counselling would be able to help with. Men’s suicide rates are up to four times higher than women’s suicide rates, despite research finding diagnosed depression rates being lower in men than in women. About 1 in 5 men develop alcohol dependency in their lifetime. Over six million men suffer from depression, despite it often being undiagnosed.

Despite these statistics proving that men suffer from mental illness just like women, men are less likely to seek help through therapy for their mental health issues. This is often due to the pressures that are placed on men in society. Oftentimes, men are raised to be tough and keep to themselves about anything they may be suffering with. There is a stigma that has been placed, by society, on men’s mental health. The stigma around men’s mental, however, is slowly dissipating. As people begin talking more about the benefits of therapy, men’s mental health is becoming less and less stigmatised in our societies.

How Men’s Counselling in Melbourne Can Benefit You

Men can find themselves suffering from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, fears of commitment, difficulties with changes throughout life, grief, relationship problems, and many other mental health issues. Throughout history, men have been expected to deal with these issues on their own, hoping to find their own ways to cope. As society evolves, though, men are finding the courage to seek help for issues that are effecting the quality of their life.

f you are struggling with your mental health, counselling can help you explore what is making you suffer, learn coping mechanisms, learn to navigate these mental health issues, and diagnose any issues that may need further attention. You may benefit from counselling by finding clarity with what is causing you to suffer, improve the relationships you have with the ones you love, learn ways to improve your communication skills and coping mechanisms, and begin a journey to a happier life.

Men’s counselling can help you improve your quality of life and begin a journey to feeling happier and healthier. . Let me help you navigate your mental health. You can learn more about me or the sessions here. You may make a booking here. I also offer online counselling

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