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Looking for marriage counselling in Melbourne? Here we discuss some of the main challenges. Feel free to reach out to Ronnie in person or via zoom.

Counselling for someone struggling with their marriage

Are you looking for help with problems in your marriage? Ronnie Adamowicz at Marriage Counselling Melbourne provides an experienced, empathetic approach to assist you in constructively working through the issues that have come between you and your spouse.

Every marriage hits a few bumps in the road and some difficult times. But when the tough stretches become longer than the good ones, or the crises too frequent or intense, it is best to address the underlying issues promptly. Marriage counselling has helped millions of people to get their partnerships back on track and to reach a better understanding of themselves in the process.

Ronnie is a professional psychotherapist, counsellor, life coach, and wellness coach. While he does not offer couples counselling, he is available for counselling to individuals who are looking to discuss their marital problems in a safe space. If you are unmarried but in a relationship, Ronnie offers relationship counselling as well. With his help, you will find effective strategies for coping with marital stress and working out problems.

Good reasons to seek professional help for your marriage

Perhaps you are unsure about seeking the help of a marriage counsellor and fear it’s a sign of doom for your partnership. Do not worry; seeking counselling is an encouraging sign that you are proactively addressing a situation that does not appear to be improving on its own. Discussing your marriage issues individually with Ronnie, who is professionally trained to help with marital problems, is a positive step. When you express yourself freely to the counsellor about aspects of the marriage that trouble you, a burden is lifted from your shoulders, and you will feel empowered to make your marital relationship healthier and more rewarding.

Some problems that Marriage Counselling Melbourne can help you resolve:

  1. Lack of communication
  2. Intimacy problems
  3. Betrayals
  4. Conflicting moral, religious, political, or lifestyle views
  5. Divorce
  6. Finances
  7. Childrearing
  8. Extended family tensions
  9. Intimidation or abuse

Barriers to a successful marriage

Lack of communication

As the French writer Andre Maurois noted, “A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.” This definition contains the secret to a great marriage: good communication. You need not always be chatting with your spouse or seeing eye to eye, but you should remain open to sharing thoughts and feelings. If one spouse shuts down that free exchange, the relationship suffers great harm. Fortunately, counselling provides strategies and techniques for reopening channels of communication that have closed due to traumatic events or simply the passage of time.

Intimacy problems

A good counsellor will help you explore the reasons you may be experiencing a lack of intimacy, whether emotional or sexual. Sometimes the issues are of physical origin, such as differing levels of desire or capability; or they may stem from emotional wounds, including previous negative experiences with the spouse or even in childhood or adolescence.


Marriage may be the most intimate of all human relationships, and it requires a fundamental level of trust. When that trust is broken, by a betrayal such an affair or a radical breach of rules within the marriage, profound damage occurs. In most cases, a good counsellor can help the spouse, whether betrayed or betrayer, take steps needed for healing the relationship.

Conflicting moral, religious, political, or lifestyle views

When a couple marry, they promise to stay together through thick and thin, but that promise does not guarantee they will always agree. Differences can be a plus and keep the marriage interesting. But when the differences become divisive, you have a problem. Additionally, a spouse may feel afraid to challenge a more dominant partner. In a healthy relationship, spouses respect each other’s views even if they do not share them.


 Whether you are trying to save your marriage, contemplating divorce, or dealing with the aftermath of divorce, marriage counselling can be immensely helpful. You feel supported in the process, and you will benefit from the counsellor’s expert insight.


Arguments over money can seriously fray the marital relationship. Often, these arguments are the result of deeper conflicts within the marriage. Through marriage counselling with Ronnie, you will learn how to deal effectively with financial conflicts in your marriage.


Conflicting approaches to raising children can be destabilizing to a marriage. A good counsellor will help you discern a path for parenthood that balances parental expectations.

Extended family tensions

What if you don’t get along with your in-laws? Common familial problems like that can pose significant challenges to any marriage. Ronnie can help you address them.

Intimidation or abuse

 Spousal intimidation or abuse sometimes goes unchecked because it occurs in the privacy of the home. If you are experiencing intimidation or abuse by your spouse, don’t delay in getting help from a professional counsellor.

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