Psychologist Toorak Therapist Welcomes the Somatic Counselling Toorak Psychotherapist

The Psychologist Toorak Group welcome Ronnie Adamowicz as the new local Counselling Toorak Therapist

Psychologist Toorak Counselling

The Counselling Toorak Therapist That Will help you on your path

You are looking to open a door to the future, and you know already that the right counselling and therapy in Toorak is going to be a key part to that, right?


Accepting the fact that you need assistance is going to be a huge step to making your way toward the future.

The next step on your journey is going to be finding just the right path that will help you accomplish your goal!

A holistic apporach to counselling, can offer a unique version of understanding your body from a complete and whole paradigm.

Healing yourself and progressing into a future that is going to feel fulfilling starts with understanding where you struggle and what needs to change to help you get there.  That’s a perfect approach for my psychology approaches!

My psychology approaches for support in Toorak

While I do offer some CBT help, most of my support across my niches (more on that below) is going to focus on the idea of understanding emotion from an interactive and focused point of view.  My goal is to help as many as possible, which means that I spread my support as far as possible in categories.  Specifically though:

  • Somatic Psychotherapy: Many people don’t realise that the body itself holds memories. Most of us assume that the mind is where trauma is held. However, polyvagal theory, demonstrates that the nervous system’s vagus nerve stores this information. This links with an emotional memory.  The result is that the body remembers trauma and this can often impact our modern day life because your body is acting on those memories in order to save itself from future trauma.   Healing the body means working with it, and changing the emotions to change the thought processes!  It’s backwards compared to classic techniques, but for good reason.  This is also known as somatic therapy.
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Certain experiences and situations cause us more pain and struggle than others. This approach to psychotherapy in Toorak is going to help you identify those situations, what the feelings are, and how to help interrupt negative patterns so that you can enjoy a more successful future with easier goals.
  • Process Experiential Emotion Focused Therapy (PEEFT): This powerful modality can really work well with what is known as the inner critic. Other powerful tools, can help you work through some very deep emotional blocks. It fuses somatic therapy as well as gestalt, resulting in getting to the heart of issues very fast.

Counselling areas in Toorak

I cover a variety of areas for therapy using my own unique approaches to holistic care.  Some of these areas include the following:

  • Couples/Relationship: Interpersonal problems and struggles create tension and negativity. I can help you both understand what you are really feeling, rather than the mask of anger that is often the top coat, and then give you support into communicating emotionally and honestly with each other.  An emotional healing, if you will.
  • Trauma: There are times when trauma from our past interferes with our normal day to day lives, and it can often happen without most of us realizing it. By diving into trauma with you, we can understand what’s going on under the surface and work together to change it.  Whether it’s abuse, misconduct, or professional struggles, trauma is trauma and everyone’s experiences are valid.
  • Anger management: Struggling to control your temper effectively is going to be easier said than done when it comes to figuring out what’s going on. Anger management is something that can be managed with emotional clarity and comfort.  I’ll guide you from anger to the emotion beneath, and beyond.
  • Grief and depression: Both overwhelming to long-term emotional health, you deserve support and guidance to help you understand how to move from the overwhelming and devastating emotions, to a future that is going to feel both authentic and respectful. Right at your side for all of it, I’m ready to give you the helping hand that you need to find your way out of the darkness and back into the light.

Finding the right counselling toorak therapist


There are a lot of therapists. How do you find the right one? A quick google search shows there’s over 400 results when searching for psychologist toorak.

psychologist toorak counselling therapist

There are some fantastic psychologist Toorak therapists. 

The bottom line is that there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. 

When it comes to counselling or therapy in Toorak, several things need to be accounted for.

Our unique desires, values, personality style, comfort levels, and of course our upbringing.

While ‘help’ means something different to everyone,  my goal is offering a holistic approach to ensure that you get the right guidance to help you achieve your goals.

The right approach to help may not be waiting for you in traditional options, but when you simply shift your attention and drive to one of the techniques that I can help you with, your healthy and happy future may just be accessible when effort and time! 

For many people who haven’t had success with classic models, these emotion and person-centred approaches can help make the difference.

If you’re ready to take the next step when it comes to psychotherapy in Toorak, please get in touch. 

I’ll be happy provide more information. I can also offer you an obligatory free 20 minute zoom (or phone chat).

It can give you a good idea of what you can expect.

I’m happy to give you guidance and the support you need.

And while it might be challenging and confronting, I’m here to help support you.

All you have to do is  get ready to understand yourself in a whole different way. 

With me as your guide, you’ll never have to walk a single step of that path alone. But more importantly, together we’ll find the tools so you no longer need me.