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Whatever you may struggling with, you don’t need to do it alone. Are you looking for an english speaking psychologist in Tel Aviv? Or perhaps psychotherapy or counseling in Tel Aviv is more your speed. 

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Looking for a Psychologist in Tel Aviv? Counseling that Works.

Hi, my name’s Ronnie Adamowicz. I’m the director of DeeperTherapy. While I grew up in Australia, I moved to Israel and have lived here for over 12 years.


How does my Counseling differ to other Psychologists in Tel Aviv?

One of the issues I noticed in Israel, was that most Tel Aviv  psychologists’s used only CBT in their practice. Don’t get me wrong. CBT is the gold standard when it comes to therapy, and I use it as well. However, it becomes clear that a more holistic psychologist / counseling Tel Aviv practice was needed. 

  • Somatic Psychotherapy: Somatic psychotherapy flips the script of using a traditional top down approach, to one that is termed as “bottom up”. CBT, by nature has a top down approach; using the mind to navigate and understand one’s psyche. While Somatic Therapy, starts with the emotion, and works its way out from there. It can be confronting as it can rapidly get to the core underlying issue fast. This works by working with the body’s ability to store emotions and remember them, and, by listening to and working with the emotions directly. This doesn’t just provide insight, but creates lasting changes from a nervous system perpsective. And yes, I also use polyvagal theory in Tel Aviv with this work. You can read more about somatic therapy here
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: If you find that you keep repeating the same patterns in relationships, a psychodynamic approach can really allow one to see the underlying forces at play. This approach helps you understand emotional patterns in your life and how those patterns come from the emotions that you feel.  It also will help you understand the range of your emotions and how you can express them and understand them.
  • Process Experiential Emotion Focused Therapy (PEEFT): This is going to help you use emotion and allow it to guide you to resolutions that you are looking to achieve. It will help you become aware of what you feel, monitor how those feelings shift and adapt over time, and then how to use that information to get you to where you want to go.

Your local Tel Aviv Counseling Therapist Can Help

            We all come from different backgrounds and it often means that we have unique needs and approaches, emotionally speaking.  Not all specialists are going to work with this, using a more generalized and theory-based approach to one or two focus areas.  I offer a variety of coverage areas to make sure that I can help as many people as possible with my unique emotion-focused approach.  Some of the most popular focus areas include:

  • Trauma: From work, home, or past experiences (or all of the above), trauma in our pasts often has an impact on our emotions and mindsets of the present. If you are struggling with any kind of trauma, I can help you work through it and enjoy a life unburdened by flashbacks and triggers.
  • Anxiety, stress, and phobias: From social anxiety to work and life stress to full phobias, I can help you tackle those tasks that currently feel impossible so that you can experience more freedom in your short-term and long-term life. This is also helpful for enjoying a quieter running dialogue, too!
  • Relationships: Every couple has good times and hard. If you’re struggling in your relationship, are thinking about breaking up or divorcing, or have already done so, counseling can be your best friend. This is the time to gain understanding in what is happening to help gain some insight. 
  • Grief and loss: If you’ve recently experienced a loss, and are seeking a guide that can offer you comfort, support, and a companion to help you through the process of finding your way back to normalcy, you’ll find that my emotion-centred concept approach will give you the most freedom possible while still being respectful to its weight and long-term ups and downs.

How do I Find the Best  Psychologist Tel Aviv Therapist?

With over 1400 search results for psychologist tel aviv, how does one even attempt to find the right therapist?

psychologist tel aviv search results

 Trying to find the “right one”, is enough to make you want to see a therapist!

I try to differentiate my services by the number of therapeutic models I have under my belt.

And in truth, all those different styles, may not even mean anything to you.

When it comes down to it, the ultimate question is, do I think this therapist gets me, and will be good?

I now offer a free 20 minute zoom chat. This will help me understand how I can best help you. But it will also give you an opportunity to quickly get a sense if I’m right for you. 

How my Tel Aviv Therapy Practice Can Help

Even if you’ve had a negative experience with therapy in the past, or you’re not sure if I’m going to be able to offer the right approach for your needs, please reach out and get in touch. 

My goal is to do whatever I can to help everyone who crosses paths with me.  I’m happy to explain my methods and hear your concerns, as well as answer whatever questions that I can. 

Even if you decide that our time together isn’t what we’re looking for, I will understand that.  The end goal is to find the right approach for each person and make sure that you always know where to turn when you’re looking for help and support. 

If you’re ready to push your life into a productive and sound future, it’s going to start with getting in tune with yourself and understanding how your past and the emotions associated with it, influence your daily life now, as well as your goals for the future.

This could just be the start of something brand new and exciting.  Perhaps even the start of a new future that is going to feel healthy and invigorating.  All you have to do is reach out and see for yourself just what’s possible when you put your mind (and heart) to it.