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Looking for a Counselling Perth Therapist? Ronnie Adamowicz is now practicing alongside a psychologist in Perth to provide a comprehensive psychotherapy service.

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Like many things in life, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to counselling.

Counselling services help people to explore feelings and emotions, address their mental health concerns, and work through the many challenges life throws at us. These things are unique to each of us — and sometimes you need a therapist who can offer a different approach that suits you.

Perth Counselling with a difference

Most therapy in Perth you’ll find will focus on CBT, or cognitive behavioural therapy. This is an approach which seeks to find the problems in people’s thought patterns that lead to problems.

CBT is a great therapy tool, but it’s not the only one.

My name is Ronnie Adamowicz, a psychotherapist who likes to take an holistic approach to counselling services. I approach counselling Perth residents using a combination of techniques such as traditional psychology and therapy techniques, CBT, and somatic psychotherapy.

This holistic approach allows me to provide tailored counselling that other Perth psychologists or psychotherapists may not be able to. Together, I will guide you to a more comfortable, optimistic future — whatever that may mean for you.

A Counselling Perth Therapist who fits your schedule

Besides my holistic approach to the therapy I provide, I also try to run my practice a little differently. The main thing I want to focus on is making myself as accessible to you as possible.

People have always struggled to juggle a 9-5 job with trying to find counselling or other healthcare services. Additionally, we’ve seen a growing demand for online healthcare, particularly during the 2020 pandemic.

The average psychotherapist or psychologist in Perth has limited times available outside of traditional business hours. While they may be open on weekends, these spaces quickly fill out. During the week, you don’t have many options. This can just add to stress and anxiety people already feel.

Taking both of these points into consideration, I offer extensive hours 7 days a week. I also offer online counselling. This means you can reach out to me and get guidance any day, at a time that’s convenient to you, so you don’t have to stress about fitting appointments into your life.

Counselling Services to suit your needs

It’s my goal is to provide you with long-term success that treats the root cause of your problems, not just deal with symptoms.

To that end, I offer a wide range of counselling services to be able to help as many people with their concerns:

  • Depression counselling. Depression affects one in seven Australians, but only 50% of those affected seek help. Let me guide you out of your darkest days and to a brighter future.
  • Person-centred grief counselling. Grief can saddle people with heavy sadness that is difficult to bear. Don’t struggle alone — I can help share the burden and guide you from grief.
  • Relationship counselling. Whether it’s a relationship with a significant other, or a family member, or even just friends and acquaintances. I can help you form more rewarding connections with those around.
  • LGBTQ+ counselling. Society puts a great amount of pressure on us to fit into certain archetypes, and it can be traumatic when we realise we don’t fit. But with guidance and counselling, you will learn how to be comfortable being who you are — not who others expect you to be.
  • Low-self esteem counselling. Low self-esteem can pay a heavy toll on our daily lives. Learn to love and accept who you are.
  • Somatic therapy and counselling. Somatic psychotherapy bridges the mind-body connection so you can feel physically, emotionally, and psychologically fulfilled.

When considering a psychotherapist or therapist in Perth, I offer the breadth of treatments using the array of tools necessary to provide you a tailored, personal plan to success.

Finding a Psychologist in Perth

It can be challenging to find a psychologist Perth therapist for a number of reasons. There are over 4,100 results when googling psychologist Perth. Which one do you choose? 

Over 4000 Psychologist Perth Google Queries

And as much as we, including myself attempt to be as transparent about our skillset, it’s impossible to adequately explain on a website if a particular therapeutic modality is best for you.

I quickly realised this would be a problem, which is why I now offer a 20 minute free consultation. That way you’ll get a sense if you want to work with me. I genuinely want you to have the best therapist for you.


Why you should consider me as your Counselling Perth Therapist

If you’ve tried a psychologist in Perth and failed to see results, or visited a therapist and left underwhelmed, you may be cautious about who to choose for your next psychotherapist.

My unique approaches to both my services and my practice include many benefits for you:

  • A safe and effective approach to tune out the noise of the world and focus on your own inner voice. No therapy can be effective if your innermost needs can’t be properly heard.
  • A guiding hand through — and out of — the worst parts treatment. In many aspects of self-improvement and healthcare, we sometimes make ourselves feel worse before true healing can begin. I will be at your side to support you during the worst times, and guide you clearly towards your goals!
  • A better understanding of your wants and goals. Not everybody has the same hopes or desires for their futures. What progress means for one person looks very different to another. I help you determine what progress means for you. Remember; with therapy, there is no one-size-fits-all.
  • A therapist in Perth who suits your style. Whether it’s in-person or online, I tailor the format of our sessions to what suits you.

There is no need to struggle through life’s challenges alone. If you’re ready to receive help towards a healthy and you-centred future, I would be privileged to be part of your journey. Get in touch today to find out more.