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I am excited to join the residents of Malvern to my mind-body, therapeutic practice. I provide psychotherapy and counselling in Malvern for varying psychological conditions. While I use CBT like other Psychologists’s in Malvern, I now incorporate somatic psychotherapy.

Malvern City

My Philosophy

As a registered Psychotherapist in Malvern, I believe that the body and the brain work together. The body’s response to anxiety, depression, and stress are so often neglected in therapy. New research demonstrates the importance of this synergy between mind and heart. When one is slightly off centre, so is the other. Studies in polyvagal theory are now showing that somatic (bodily) sensations proceed thoughts.

The latest in somatic psychotherapy, combined with traditional therapy, allows for a holistic way in working with emotions.

For the last 20 years I’ve been studying different psychotherapeutic modalities. I began my curiosity with Tony Robbins over 25 years ago where I had the opportunity of working with him. 

Now, in my counselling Malvern office, I’m humbled and grateful to be able to share my lessons with you. For your peace of mind, below I explain several modalities that I use.

My Treatments as a Somatic Counselling Malvern Therapist

My primary form of treatment, somatic psychotherapy uses neurobiology as the foundation of practice. This type of therapy is based on Polyvagal theory, which is the idea that anxiety, depression, trauma, and stress are all stored in the body in different ways.

Consequently, dysregulation within our nervous system has to do with how we were attended to when we needed a secure and nurturing environment.

Somatic psychotherapy attempts to repair ruptures in how our nervous system autonomically responds to both the internal and external world.

And make no mistake, trauma can come in the most obvious of ways (health, physical / sexual assault, etc), even just having a parent who wasn’t able to attend to you properly as a child can be traumatic.

CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy):

Sometimes, we need multiple forms of therapeutic care in order to heal. CBT is one of the more popular forms of counselling in Malvern and perhaps what most psychologists tends to lean on.

This approach uses a systematic approach to help identify thought patterns which can negatively affect out well being. Often used to treat anxiety, depression, OCD, and trauma, together we work to identify triggers that may contribute to unhealthy behaviours. This confrontation will then force your brain to no longer see your triggers as a threat, leading to a decrease in any unwanted behaviours such as panic attacks, anxiety attacks, mood swings, PTSD, and more.


Process Experiential Emotion Focused Therapy (PEEFT) is another popular form of therapy used by psychologists in Malvern as well as counsellors and life coaches! Known for connecting the dots between our emotions and our actions, PEEFT is often used in combination with somatic psychotherapy. In order to understand why we engage in certain behaviours; we need understand our emotions behind those behaviours. As your psychotherapist, I will typically use PEEFT to identify which emotions you may be suppressing and then use somatic psychotherapy to determine where in your body these emotions are hiding out. Once we determine those factors, we can work together to release them and heal your body and mind at the same time.

Psychologists in Malvern

If you’re seeing a psychologist in Malvern, and having great results, then stay!

Psychologists like anyone with the right training, can absolutely provide the support and help you need.

Traditionally, psychologists use CBT, and are stereotyped to have a doctor / client relationship, where the doctor “fixes” you. This approach definitely has it’s advantages in some cases. Another approach is a humanistic framework which I adopt. Which on you prefer depends on you. I firmly believe no one is broken, and that we all have the wisdom and insight about our shortcomings.

Who Should Seek Counselling Treatment in Malvern?

Anybody looking to make significant changes to their emotional, physical, and mental health could benefit greatly from my counselling in Malvern services.

Whether you are looking to address past traumas, anxieties you have about the future, irrational fears, mood disorders, or you’re simply looking to make changes to your everyday lifestyle, I want to help you with your goals.

Often, when we work on one area of your life, it’s only natural other areas will arise. This allows you to heal all parts of your mind and body and reach optimal connection between the two!

What to Expect in Counselling in Malvern?

During your first consultation with me, we will go over your reason(s) for taking that first step in asking for assistance.

This is where you get to tell me all about who you are, where you are in life, why you are where you are, what makes you who you are, and what your goals are for our time together.

My specialties include working with teens, adolescents, and adults for individual therapy or relationship therapy

Ready to make an appointment to see a Psychotherapist or Counselling in Malvern?

Booking an appointment is simple. Head on over to my contact page, or book a free 20 minute session here to have me reach out to you.

The clinic is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, but I do offer appointments outside of clinic hours if they are needed. If in-person therapy isn’t feasible for you or is not what you’re looking for right now, I do offer teletherapy services.

For anyone with questions about my counselling in Malvern services, I offer a free 20-minute consultation over the phone or via video chat.

How to choose the right Counselling Malvern Psychotherapist

If you’ve been trying to find and google “psychologist malvern” you may have been faced with the paradox of choice.

psychologist malvern psychotherapy

With over 800 results for the phrase psychologist malvern, where does one begin!? 

Most psychologist Malvern therapists, and Universities around the world, tend to work just with talk therapy, dealing with the mind.

Much research has been done (Dr. Besel Vandekaulk, Pat Ogeden, Dr. Peter Levine, Dr Porges) have radically changed the way we work: the body / mind connection.

With somatic therapy, each client is seen as a whole being with all their complexities.

In order to provide you with the best care and most successful outcomes, our first session begins with to acquaint ourselves.

We may talk about who you are, and what brings you here today, and a bit of your history. We’ll also help identify some painful emotions, and may even have some time to do some emotion process work.

My approach is gentle, yet I don’t shy away from gentle reminders of what’s important.  Most importantly, I’ll always be in tune with a pace that is appropriate to you.  Congratulations on  starting this journey and I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you have. Together, we can realign your heart and mind to create peace, to help tackle the issue a hand.

So, how does one really make a decision as to which therapist is best?

In my opinion, you really need to meet and be with the therapist, to get a sense if they’re the right fit.

Weather you decide to with a counselling Malvern therapist, a psychotherapist, or psychologist in Malvern and surroundings, try and talk with them before the first booking.

That’s why I offer all new clients, a 20 minute free consultation over zoom

You’ll get a very quick indication if we’re a good fit. And it goes both ways. If I genuinely sense that someone else may be better suited, I will direct you to someone who I think will be a great fit.