Local Psychologist in Geelong Welcome Counselling Geelong Therapist; Ronnie Adamowicz

finding the Best Psychologist in Geelong can be difficult with so many options. Ronnie is excited to introduce his somatic therapy and counselling to Geelong. 

Counselling in Geelong

The Counselling Geelong Therapist with a twist

Good help is hard to  find, so the saying goes.  However, have you ever given thought to the fact that maybe it’s hard to find because you are looking for the wrong kind of approach? While there are some great psychologists and counselling Geelong therapists, most tend to use pure CBT. Don’t get me wrong! CBT is fantastic, and I I use this approach myself in my own practice.

But new developments in neuroscience, demonstrate how somatic psychotherapy and the uss of polyvagal theory, can have profound deep and lasting changes.

Who am I?

My name is Ronnie Adamowicz and I am a specialist in a different kind of approach to psychology and therapy.  Instead of focusing on a strict “here are the problems in the way you think which creates the problem” (such as CBT), I integrate  classic psychology and therapy techniques with a more holistic and somatic approach.

This gives me the ability to approach each case with a personalised and unique approach that helps me work with you to find the right approach to helping your life get easier and better.  The right professional support can really make all of the difference, and the keyword here is “right”.  As your faithful and willing guide, my ultimate goal with every client is to help you enjoy a future with comfort and a sense of drive to get you to where you want to go, whatever that might mean for you. You can read a bit more about me here.

How does my Geelong counselling practice differ?

Many people need to see a psychologist or a psychotherapist in Geelong for many reasons.  In order to help everyone as much as possible, I offer therapy in Geelong however I’m needed.

Firstly, I take a unique approach therapy and by offering in-person as well as online counselling.  I offer extensive hours 7 days a week to help you fit in counselling however it best works for you.

Every psychologist in Geelong takes a different approach to both anxiety counselling and stress management counselling.  Mine is different, still, because the goal becomes long-term success instead of simply “Treating the symptoms” such as in the case of traditional options.

I also offer depression counselling and person-centred grief counselling so that sadness and the indescribable weight that it brings, is never your burden alone to carry.

If you’re struggling to connect with those around you, I offer relationship counselling.  If you’re having a hard time coming to terms with who you are, too, I also offer LGBTQ+ counselling and low self esteem counselling.

Lastly, for an in-depth and internal approach, I offer somatic therapy and counselling. This allows for a dee so that your path to recovery is something that you can feel tangibly in its physiological symptoms, and also your emotional and mental ones, too.

The bottom line, when considering your options for a psychologist in Geelong, is that I’m here to offer a non judgemental empathic ear.  I’m here to help you with your challenging areas, and you’ll get the support, guidance, and help that you so deserve.


Counselling Geelong Psychologist


What are the advantages of my approach as a therapist in Geelong?

Regardless of the treatment area that you’re looking at, you might be feeling a little unsure.  Perhaps you’ve tried therapy and counselling before, and only found it too pricey and not very helpful long-term.  Or, perhaps you simply want to take a different approach to therapy.  That’s where I can help you. My approach includes many benefits, including:

  • I’ll help you quiet the world and listen to yourself: So often, a lot of us struggle with our problem areas because the outside world and its assumptions and beliefs get to be too loud. It drowns out your own voice and needs.  My goal is to help you quiet the world safely and effectively, and then show you how to listen to your own voice.  No matter how good the advice or tips are that you get from traditional counselling in Geelong, they’re not effective if you can’t hear your own needs voiced.
  • I’ll help you through, and past, the rough parts: In order to make progress, there is some digging to be done. This creates rough seas, or hills, that can make things rocky for a while.  Not only will I be there at your side to help you succeed on the other side of those rough seas and hills, but I’ll also be right there every step of the way so that you don’t have to go through the journey on your own.  Using my approach and suggestions, you’ll not only understand where you’re going to end up, but also real, usable steps on how to get to that goal!
  • I’ll help you figure out what progress means to you: We all are coming from different backgrounds and situations, many of which include past experiences with counselling and therapy in Geelong. Whether these were effective or not, they lead you to where you are today, coming to me.  I’ll use that to help us create a progress plan for you that is as personalised as it can be for you, in particular.  Your journey to a happy and healthy future is your own, after all.  A cookie cutter plan just won’t do.
  • I’ll offer therapy and counselling your way: Throw away that image of you reclining on a couch and talking about your woes with me asking “and how does that make you feel?”.This can be done in-person, or online through Zoom, first of all, making it convenient for those that prefer distance counselling.The first consultation will give you a good feel for typically how I work.This is going to help you design your own personal plan for treatment.  Again, since this is your journey, I encourage you to be an active part in designing that plan and that future goal.

Dealing with a problem can be a really challenging thing on your own, but there’s no rule that says you have to do anything on your own.  If you’re ready for a helping hand towards a healthy and you-centred future, get in touch with me and allow me the privilege of being part of your journey.