4 Reasons Why A Top Psychologist Caulfield Therapist is Recommends Somatic Counselling in Caulfield

:ooking for Counselling in Caulfield with a therapist or Psychotherapist? Tried a psychologist in Caulfield & wanting something more? Perhaps it’s time to try somatic  psychotherapy.

Caulfield Counselling in the Park

Good help is indeed hard to find, so the saying goes.  However, the right approach to help is going to be as important as the help that you’re seeking.  So many people focus on understanding the problem and getting to the root of it, but just as many don’t actually think about how that approach is going to either hinder or help better health in the long term.  Are you ready to learn about what the right match between a therapist in Caulfield and a willing patient can do?  Take a look.

Good help starts with good roots

There are many people who approach traditional CBT and even medications in order to deal with problems, but not all problems are going to be solved by this no matter how highly rated a psychologist in Caulfield is.

My focus is entirely different and this comes from my roots.

As someone who is passionate about what I do, my goal is always to make sure that I am helping my patients get a holistic approach to their emotional and mental health.

No matter how useful the technique may be, it falls on “deaf ears” if the patient does not have a good connection with their body in an intuitive sense.

Caulfield Psychologist S.J.  says “I love Ronnie’s use of somatic psychotherapy. We’re so divorced from our bodies, this modality is needed more than ever

Throughout all of my approaches, my ultimate goal is to help align the mind, heart and choices in life so that you are actually going to feel like you are in control of yourself and your future.

The approaches that I use for counselling in Caulfield as a therapist

With all that said, the majority of my professional counselling in Caulfield falls into the following categories.  Some use a blend of them, others focus entirely in one approach.  The goal is to help each person find their way to better, easier health, after all.

  • Somatic Psychotherapy: Also known as somatic therapy; this approach is all about skipping the mental dialogue and focusing on how your body is feeling. Our bodies are wired to remember certain traumatic events and this helps form our thought processes as a result.  In order to help our body learn healthier reactions to situations rather than just the classic “deer in the headlights” feeling, we must approach emotions on a physical leather and understand the connection between body and memory.
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: If comprehension is what you’re after, especially if you are looking to improve interpersonal conflicts and concerns, a psychodynamic approach is going to be supportive and helpful. In this approach, you’ll get to understand every angle of every part of your emotional self.  You’ll learn how to identify themes and emotions (and their connection), focusing on the impact of how past experiences directly impact your modern-day concerns, and e understanding the wide umbrella of emotions and how they all have different strengths depending on those situations.  Think of this as an emotion-based education course!
  • Process Experiential Emotion Focused Therapy (PEEFT): In order to build an emotionally stable future, you must understand the different parts of your emotional self and how they all come together to form one cohesive unit. This approach to therapy in Caulfield is going to be one that is all about understanding wants, needs, tuning into emotions, and understanding how emotions are released from the body physiologically as well as in a less literal sense.  For those that struggle with identifying emotion and expressing emotion, this approach is often very helpful.

Why the right approach matters as a Counselling Caulfield Therapist

The reason that many people find these holistic approaches so satisfying is that the entire goal is different from classic psychological models.  The goal of all of my therapies in Caulfield is to get you in-tune with yourself and help you to understand just what you as a full person needs.  Classic models focus on solving a problem through understanding the behaviour, whereas I take an approach that helps you understand what you’re feeling, and how that, when modified, can change your view of the problem and make your life more fulfilling.

Truth be told, no one approach is better than the other.  That’s because no one person is going to respond the same as someone else.

 Finding a Psychologist Caulfield Therapist or psychotherapist – the paradox of choice

A quick google of Psychologist Caulfield can be daunting.

Over 900 psychologists in caulfield

With over 900 search results where do you begin?

And how do you know if you’ve met the right therapist? Moreover, how do you know if the skillset that the therapist has, is right for you?

My goal is to help each person find the right approach for their mental and emotional health needs — even if that’s not me!

That’s why I encourage all my new clients to try and see if we click together first. I’ll be upfront if I don’t think we’re a good match. And because I offer a free 20 minute therapy zoom session, you’ll also get the chance to see if we can work well together.

What can I help with as Counselling Caulfield Therapist ?

My goal is to help as many people as possible, no matter how my support itself takes form.

As such, I offer help and guidance in many niches.

This includes:

  • Relationships: Having interpersonal issues between a romantic couple or even just family members can make daily life difficult. Using Emotion Focused Therapy, or Somatic therapy, can deeply help you have an understanding of what’s going on, giving you clarity, and insight. With this therapy, you won’t just have insight, you’ll have a deeper connection to yourself, living authentically. This gives you freedom and more options to know how to navigate your relationships.
  • Anger management: We all get angry, but understanding how to make the most out of that anger instead of feeling as though it runs us all the time can be a challenge when you go about it alone.  My goal is to act as a guide to understanding where your anger is sitting in your body and how it can be managed in a healthy and non-repressive way long-term.
  • Anxiety, stress, and phobias: Anxiety is one of those complicated emotions that can permeate as general anxiety, chronic stress, and severe phobias. Whatever avenue it takes, I’m there to help you make the most out your triggers to give you enjoyment back.
  • Grief counselling – Losing someone is one of the most painful human emotions. So much so it can almost physically hurt. The adjustment to this loss, is quite profound. There is no right way to grieve, but having support and guidance can open up a new way of being with this pain, that can actually allow for profound growth and understanding.
  • Depression Counselling – When life just feels miserable. And everything feels meaningless, and dull, you may very well be going through a bout of depression. Left to its own devices, we can easily stay in this headspace for months, if not years. All too often do we tell ourselves that we can snap out of it alone. And, yes, of course it’s true, but if you’ve been stuck in the rut and nothing is working, don’t sit and wallow in it. The good news is, is that counselling works. It really does!

Our minds and our emotions are complicated at the best of times, and understanding what’s going on, and how to change it, is often a hard and long battle.

When you’re looking for support and guidance in a way that is going to feel like teamwork rather than a lecture, allow me to help you out with counselling in Caulfield.