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Looking for a Counselling Byron Bay Therapist? Ronnie is now practicing alongside a psychologist in Byron Bay to provide a comprehensive psychotherapy service.

Byron Bay Counselling

Are you wondering about seeing a therapist, but don’t know where to start?

If you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or pushed to your limits, it may be the right time to start seeing a counsellor. Finding help sooner rather than later is a smart idea, and it’s often just a matter of taking that first step. When starting therapy, it’s important to find a psychotherapist or counsellor who is empathetic, well-trained, and experienced; this is where I come in.

As an experienced psychotherapist, counsellor, and life and wellness coach, I provide a variety of therapies. My therapeutic approach is tailored to each individual client. We may delve into somatic, psychodynamic, and emotion-focused therapies, as well as others, such a CBT.

Focusing oriented therapy is central to my work as a therapist, and I am certified in it. I also practice somatic psychotherapy, a body-focused therapy for restoring nervous system balance and fostering recovery from trauma.

I have experience helping clients with a broad range of issues. Here are just a few of them: anxiety, anger management, depression, life stresses, PTSD, and grief.

I also work with clients on marriage and relationship problems, LGBTQ concerns, sex therapy, and attachment issues, for example. Whether you are just starting therapy for the first time, or starting it again after some years, I am ready to help you find the balance and wellness you seek.

Starting psychotherapy with me in Byron Bay

I am a psychotherapist in Byron Bay who looks forward to processing issues with you in an in-depth way; this will be healing. I assure that therapy with me is welcoming and non-judgmental.

I offer psychotherapy in-person in Melbourne, and I also provide teletherapy via Zoom and telephone. Due to the pandemic, offering teletherapy is a useful alternative.

Let’s look at the differences between a psychotherapist and a psychologist:

You may have had a great experience seeing a psychologist in Byron Bay in the past, but it may well be worth considering the services of a psychotherapist. Here are some of the main differences between the two types of professional services.


  • Conduct talk therapy one-on-one
  • Sometimes family therapy and group work
  • Use evidence-based therapy and other forms of holistic therapy
  • Help people overcome stress, mental health issues, and past traumas
  • Deeper therapeutic work
  • Explore past experiences, as well as present symptoms
  • Help you reach your goals
  • Aren’t typically scientific researchers


  • Provide talk therapy
  • Some conduct laboratory research
  • Rely solely on evidence-based therapies
  • Research-focused
  • Focus on the diagnosis
  • Focus on treating symptoms
  • Tend to focus on issues in the present

Why should you choose psychotherapy?

As you can see, there are some similarities between psychotherapists and psychologists, but they each have different approaches to aiding mental health. Psychotherapy is worth considering. Psychotherapists have flexibility with therapeutic models, and also provide holistic and psychodynamic therapies; these I provide in therapy.

In psychotherapy, you will process past and present issues and we will work through them together on a profound level. This may include exploring previous trauma rather than only treating your current symptoms. I always make sure you are comfortable in discussing any topics that arise.

Important: Psychotherapy can be used as an umbrella term; and as such, many psychologists in Byron Bay, and around the world may also refer to themselves as psychotherapists.

My approach as a psychotherapist in Byron Bay:

In my practice, I provide a psychotherapy approach that will be targeted towards your individual needs. I use a combination of therapies with my clients.

Somatic psychotherapy and focusing oriented therapy are techniques that I frequently use. They both serve to rebalance the nervous system after traumatic events. Somatic psychotherapy is body-centered work.

Therapy approaches I specialise in:

  • Focusing oriented therapy –to help you gain awareness of your “felt sense,” enabling you to recover from past trauma
  • Somatic psychotherapy – incorporates the mind-body connection into the process of healing the body after traumas
  • Emotion-focused therapy – a short-term therapy that focuses on adult relationships and attachment and bonding
  • Person-centered therapy – an empowering approach that allows the client to have a voice in the therapeutic process
  • Existential therapy – a philosophical approach which focuses on the search for meaning, rather than just approaching your current symptoms
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy – aims to change unhealthy thought patterns

Counselling in Byron Bay

Counselling differs from psychotherapy services because it is shorter in duration; the short-term counselling I offer is typically 6-10 sessions. You will notice a significant increase in your coping ability from counselling in Byron Bay. The counselling approaches I use will vary depending on what you come to therapy for. I use talk therapy in both counselling and psychotherapy sessions with clients.

Nervous to begin psychotherapy in Byron Bay?

When searching for a psychologist in Byron Bay, you may get overwhelmed. A quick google search for the phrase psychologist Byron Bay returns 488 results.

Psychologist Byron Bay

Trying to sift through that amount of results, is enough to make you want to see a therapist!

It’s okay to have some apprehension about starting therapy. And as much as I try to explain my skillset, it’s really difficult for someone not familiar, the ins and outs of these therapies.

Also, it can be hard opening up to someone new. 


Trying to find the right therapist, based on their skillset, location, worldview, is no easy task. Sure, I myself have tried to give a brief indication of the different therapies I use. However they are so nuanced  

That’s why I offer a free 20 minute consultation with clients. That way, clients can quickly see if they get along, and feel that they can work well together. Moreover, it will give me an insight if we are also well suited.

I genuinely want the best for you. And If I feel that someone may be better for you, I’ll be honest and let you know


Where to begin

I offer counselling by video as well as in person. During the pandemic it is nice to have the option of video counselling. Research supports that teletherapy can be just as effective. Psychotherapy and counselling via Zoom allows us to see each other face-to-face, to help us develop a strong therapeutic relationship.

I offer in-person therapy sessions at my Melbourne-based Counselling Clinic. Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length, but can be 90 minutes for more in-depth sessions. If you are interested to learn more about my services and to book your first session,

I offer free 20-minute consultations via Zoom or telephone: Book now!