3 Reasons Why This  Psychologist Balaclava Professional Time And Again Recommends This  Counselling Balaclava Therapist

One of my colleagues, a Psychologist Balaclava therapist, consistently refers clients to me. Why?My Counselling Balaclava Practice works. I’ve lived and learnt from some of the greatest teachers in psychology, spirituality, and psychotherapy from all around the world.

Balaclava Counselling Psychologist

Your New Counselling Balaclava Therapist is here!

Looking for help in dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, or any other life challenges? I treat people from Balaclava, Melbourne, as well as the surrounding areas.

I am known for my extensive range of conventional and modern psychological treatments.

Given the rapidly changing disciplines of Clinical Psychology and Anxiety Therapy and the ongoing research that delves inside the way the mind operates, I believe that almost all scientific research should be conscious of it and how it impacts psychological treatments. I provide holistic treatment for depression counselling Melbourne, anxiety counselling Melbourne, grief counselling, and relationship counselling Melbourne.

A bit about me

I use several therapy methods in the context of humanism with somatic therapies (Focusing Oriented Psychtherapy) as my main go to therapy.

I also have been trained in more traditional therapies such as  existential psychotherapy, psychodynamic, CBT, and EFT.

You can learn more about me here

Why Seek  the Services of a Counselling Balaclava Therapist Anyway?

I assume you’ve come to this site because there’s something you’re struggling with. The range of clients that I see range from depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD.

As diverse as all these problems are, there is a common thread. A disconnection from themselves. And somatic psychotherapy here can be extremely helpful.

For relationship counselling and marriage counselling, I may also call upon Psychodynamic psychotherapy to help uncover and and heal below the surface issues.

Grief counselling for those who lost someone may benefit from existential psychotherapy and, I’m more than willing and able to sit with you through this loss.

I would like to help you, regardless of your current struggle. You don’t have to be or feel alone in understanding the workings of your mind and body.

As a counselling balaclava therapist,  I’m interactive and present and work in the “here and now” paradigm to help move to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Balaclava Psychologist M.F. says “Ronnie’s somatic psychotherapy approach brings a fresh new therapeutic modality to Balaclava”

What Makes Counselling Balaclava Clinic the Best Choice?

Our minds are not made to fulfil the constant requirements of modern life, the uncertainty and the sensitivity of daily life that comes along with it.

In this manner, we are constantly trying to reach our goals.

And when there is a mismatch between where we are, and where we want to be, that creates disharmony.

My therapeutic practice is a little different to other Psychologists in Balaclava in that I also offer somatic therapy.

The divide between our old minds and the modern world is bridged by clinical psychology.

We help you reach the “upgrade” for your life through Counselling Balaclava Clinic.

The right treatment and knowledge are needed to let go of fear, anxiety, sadness and bring back the mental clarity that we want to have desperately.

With distinct attitudes and expectations, beliefs, and values, we’re all so intrinsically unique and  different.

I use integrated  reliable, evidence-based strategies to help you identify your path.

With comprehensive clinical evidence, effective, viable change can be achieved.

I’m constantly sharpening my toolkit to help ensure you  get you where you want to be.

No matter what challenges come your way, I’m confident that change at the deepest levels are attainable and achievable..

Let me be your  counselling Balaclava therapist and get your Appointment Booked!