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6 Reason’s Why People Take So Long to Seek Therapy & Counselling

1. I'll figure it out myself. Ahhh, the good 'ol "I've snapped out of this before" self talk. No one wants to feel helpless. I get it. Trying to snap out of it, when faced with depressive symptoms, is exceedingly difficult. Therapy is estimated to help...

Free Online Depression Test

Free Online Depression Test

How Accurate Is This Online Depression Test? I'll just get to the point - the online depression test below is considered to be the gold standard depression test used by psychologists around the world. It is highly accurate. Jump Straight To the Online Depression Test...

Breathing Exercises for anxiety, stress and depression

In... Out... In... Out... I could just finish there, but there's a bit more to it. In Eva Migdal's "Well Habit Your Body", Eva explores the world of breathing, and its importance... Breathing is the most fundamental need of the human body. You do it all day, every...

What is Wellness & Theory?

What is Wellness & Theory?

What is Wellness? We live in a world where we look for quick fixes for our ailments. Medication to soothe an upset stomach, shopping to calm a worried mind, alcohol to help with sleep, drugs to stop the headache, etc. These habits may soothe your symptoms, but they...