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The crippling effects of anxiety effects your general well being, relationships. From severe panic attacks, to  even the slightest anxiety, prevents can prevent us from our authentic self. If you’re Looking for anxiety treatment in Melbourne, book in a session with me. I’m an Anxiety Counselling Melbourne Specialist, and working with this issue, is where I thrive

Anxiety Counselling Melbourne

Some Problems With Other Anxiety Counselling in Melbourne Practices

Anxiety – it’s a natural part of life, and something we’ve all experienced.

In small doses, it is normal, and it even serves a purpose.


Anxiety is the body’s autonomic nervous system’s way to attempt to protect you from danger. 

But when the anxiety is irrational, prolonged, it can become debilitating.

I’m sure you’ve tried thinking your way out of it, walks, breathing exercises t it’s just not working…

All psychologists, therapists, counsellors, psychotherapists know…heck, even you know, that thinking your way out of anxiety doesn’t always work.

Yet, time and again I’ve seen counsellors, psychologists try to use logic, and outdated methods in working with anxiety. Such as “it’s an irrational belief” or “just try and think about something else.” That doesn’t work!

And then there’s the mindfulness route, but not without it’s problems. It’s a great approach to distract you from feeling the anxiety. However, it doesn’t get to the core of it.

How about breathing? Yes, it’s true, slow diaphragmatic breathing does activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

And it does work…

But..it will come back!

Why you ask?

Because the underlying anxiety hasn’t been dealt with. Just the symptoms.

I specialise in somatic psychotherapy (FOT), which offers a complete different and unique paradigm in working with anxiety.

I’ve worked with thousands of people around the world in working with their anxiety. If you’re looking for an anxiety specialist in Melbourne, or abroad (virtual sessions), try a 20 minute free session with me. I think you’ll be surprised at just how quick, things can turn around. Even in 20 minutes.

But First, What are the Different forms of Anxiety?

Anxiety can present itself in a number of ways. First, there’s social anxiety. Further, anxiety can also manifest over financial issues, deadlines at work, or deciding whether to stay or go in a relationship. However if the situation worsens this can also lead to other disorders such as:

  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Eating disorders
  • Dissociative disorders
  • Sleep disorders

Here’s a list of Some Anxiety Symptoms You May Be Experiencing

Some of the most common symptoms that 

  • Mind racing
  • Heart racing
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle tension
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Shakiness
  • Nausea / vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Trembling
  • Avoidance of situations
  • Lack of concentrating
  • Feel like you’re dying

How do I REALLY know if I’m either Anxious, Depressed, Or Stressed?

Emotions can sometimes be difficult to decipher.

If you’re not quite sure, check out this DASS-21 Online Test.

What else do therapists look out for when in comes to anxiety?

Sometimes, some of my clients present with primary and secondary anxiety.

This can be tricky for some therapists, as they all too often miss the mark.

With anxiety counselling, I can help worth and release the root cause of the anxiety.


What Happens To My Nervous System When I’m Anxious?



We’ve all heard the “fight, flight or freeze” response. But how does this relate to anxiety?

Well, in truth, anxiety is a protective mechanism. 

This response becomes activated to protect us.

BUT…the body and mind connection, well…it’s not so smart.

Let me explain…

When we perceive danger, our nervous system sends signals to our heart to beat faster, tenses our muscles, with shallow breathing…

Okay, that’s fine. But the problem is little brain of ours between our ears. We interpret these bodily sensations, as fear, and it spins our mind out of control.

The story follows the state of the nervous system. 

MEANING…the story we tell ourselves, follows the state of our nervous system.


polyvagal theory

How Is My Anxiety Counselling Different?

Most therapists use an approach called CBT.

And for good reason. It works!

In fact, I also sometimes use some of the tools in CBT.

However, this approach attempts to use the mind to navigate out of it! So it uses the very tool that’s making you feel anxious in the first place.

My anxiety treatment works.

And it works fast by going to the root cause of the anxiety using a somatic approach.

Somatic therapy offers a whole new way of working with anxiety.

Don’t believe me? Book in a 20 minute session, and ask me about this approach.

I guarantee that in just those 20 minutes will help significantly with you anxiety, or your money back. Oh…it’s free…hmmm. Well, you know what I mean… 

How Long Is Anxiety Counselling? How Many Sessions Will It Take For My Anxiety Treatment To Work?

anxiety counselling helps


You will find significant results in just the free 20 minute session. 

And that may be all you need!

If you’re wanting therapy for one issue, then we can work through that pretty quickly. Anywhere from one session, to three, or sometimes six as a rough guide. This will give you a fantastic foundation to be able to work with your anxiety.

Some clients want to go deeper, to really hone in on the skills of managing their anxiety on a day to day basis. To have mastery over their anxiety. This approach can take several months.

In both cases however…

I will never try and make you stay longer than you need to.

Why? Because I don’t want you to depend on me!

My goal is to arm you with the tools, so that you can use this approach on your own, and even to share and teach it to others.

What Will I Get Out Of Anxiety Counselling ?

You will stop feeling anxious of course…but that’s a cop out answer..

I’d sum it up as BEING FREE

I know that’s a huge claim, but I stand by it.

I’m not saying anxiety will never rear its head. 

BUT you will be able to make anxiety your friend. It will begin to inform you, and yes, you will start living life authentically and fully.

When anxiety is under control, then anything we put our mind to, becomes possible again.


In Person & Online Anxiety Counselling in Melbourne is needed more than ever!

As you may note from the list above, anxiety is not just a psychological condition — it’s also physiological one. 

Anxiety is the body responding to a perceived threat.

It does this by flooding itself with stress hormones. These hormones prepare the body for fight-or-flight responses — our awareness increases, our heart pumps blood to power our muscles, and we get ready for action.

The problem is, your body will do this in response to the threat of a shark in the water near you … or a looming deadline at work. Or perhaps to troubles in our relationships. Or even just reading too much about global troubles on the news.

Anxiety can affect  work, relationships, self esteem, and can ultimately lead to other mental health conditions, such as depression.

In Person or Online Anxiety Treatment in Melbourne

Anxiety can make it difficult for people to leave the house, or deviate from their normal schedules. Trying to juggle a trip to a counsellor on top of our daily routines can even add to people’s anxiety — an irony that is not lost on me.

That’s why I offer flexible hours, on flexible days, and where necessary, online.

That means you can schedule an appointment after work hours, if you needed.  Perhaps Sunday afternoon is the perfect time for you? Reach out, and I will try to arrange a time that suits your needs.

Online sessions make it possible to see an anxiety specialist from the comfort of your own home. Don’t let travel, schedules, driving and parking add to your anxiety! Stay at home in your favourite spot, open up a computer tab, and we can work together towards your brighter future.

    Ready To Put Anxiety To Rest? Speak to an Anxiety Treatment Specialist in Melbourne today!

    Don’t let anxiety continue to affect your life, your health, and your relationships.

    I have some really beautiful and wholesome ways in working with anxiety that I’d love to share with you.

    You can read more about who I am here. If you’re curious, feel free to reach out for a free consultation.

    Did you know that anxiety affects up to 25% of Australians?

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